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Great Alpha!

Trying my best to stay away from questions the Devs have answered but I haven't gone through every comment -sorry if there are repeats here.

1) Only repeating because its the biggest issue currently: Like others, I'm experiencing an issue of skiers becoming stuck at trail intersections and not being able to stop at some mid-mountain lifts.

2) An option to change the camera angle by holding left-click (or whatever programmable button) and moving the mouse would go a really long way for polishing the interface. The buttons feel clunky and imprecise.

3) An option for grid and/or color gradient topography views would be helpful.

4) Closing runs. For deleting/editing high traffic runs without stranding skiers.

5) Editing runs. Could each 'click' on a run be made a movable point so runs can be edited without deleting the whole thing? Or possibly deleting only a section for bigger runs and linking runs together for smaller runs.

6) Designated intersections. Could help with the stuck skier issue mentioned in my first point. Similar to "SLOW" signs at real resorts, making an area where skiers take caution and allowing for multiple trails to merge, and/or a lift to be placed (possibly without the penalty of boring advanced skiers). Essentially creating a small base, but without a lodge. Could also clean up messy pylons where trails overlap slightly but not enough to merge.

**EDIT: Lifts are bugged (not rope-tows or gondolas). Tried to delete 2 different lifts and neither were removed from the map. They collided when I tried to replace with a gondola and would accept workers but did not continue to operate with them. 

Tried to save and reload but the game saved over both of my game files despite the fact that I only clicked 'save' once. Both files were overwritten and had the same date/time/hours. Neither save loaded but showed the base camp with no runs or features. If I can tell you anything else to help you figure this out let me know**

Really enjoyed the Alpha and can't wait for the full release!

Snowtopia Version 0.8.7 (No experience with previous versions)

Windows 10 - i7 6700 - Nvidia RTX 2060 mini -- No performance issues

Windows 10 - i5 6500 - Intel Integrated Graphics 530 -- Unplayable slideshow