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Thanks very much for playing, TheGameFox!

There are looaaaads of bugs in that version, that are fixed in the current (unreleased) version that I'll be releasing in about two months time. 

I've made jumping, and general movement better, as well as making lava more forgiving.

Along with this, the next area is being implemented soon.

Thanks again for playing, 


Thanks very much! Hopefully next Demo Day's release will be content-complete, and bug free.



Thanks again for the video. The feedback really helps me a lot into turning this into something good.



Thanks, man, the movement issue is weird, but I want to revamp it altogether since it doesn't seem to be working at all right. I'll hopefully have something more substantial for the next Demo Day.

Thanks again,



That's a standalone, non-install version up in the zip.




Thanks very much for the video! It's excellent!

Jumping isn't working quite how I'd like but it's definitely high on the list of things to fix, and there are going to be a lot more areas to explore in the later demos and full release.

I'm glad you liked the art style, and thanks very much for playing!


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[EDIT] That should be it fixed, thanks again for reporting it, and please let me know if anything else isn't quite right.

Hi, wobblyfootgamer, 

Thanks for notifying me on the issue and I'm sorry it has happened.

I'll get working on a fix ASAP.



Love the progress, hashishyachiyo! Especially the skinny homer

Sounds interesting, what engine are you going for?

That's cool, man, the jams are really just side things :) good luck, man!

I've been following your progress, keep up the good work man!

Thanks very much!

Thanks very much for playing my game!

Thanks very much, Mothdan.

These bits of feedback remind me of why I started making games. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I really liked your game, man :) been following your progress in the threads

Thanks for the review, reviewbro! I'm definitely taking all of your feedback on and will hopefully have an updated version for the end of the jam :)

Thanks again!

I'm really impressed that you got that far without shooting, I'm going to add in-game instructions to explain the controls in the new build.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for trying my game, ClipartDev.

I'm going to redo the boss and make hits clearer.

Variable jumps is definitely something I could add.

Thanks for the feedback :)