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the RNG for the starting cards is nuts. you can easily start with a couple of stairs and win within a few minute

You can increase the max external heat of the reactor buy upgrading it, which allows you to have more boilers, however I never seem to be able to turn a profit after upgrading it.

it should say in-game the max heat of components

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There's no way to make money in this game. You start off only being able to make like 17% of the power the city needs, which means your reputation drops and that seems to lower how much money you make per watt to the point that fuel costs way more than you can make. The whole game is confusing and undocumented. Nothing is explained and after 7 tries at this game, I have gotten absolutely nowhere. I suggest you don't start charging people for this game unless you fix how horribly explained everything is.

The first heater works well with peat, or so it says, but when I set it on peat, the heater and all the boilers get broken even though the overall power plant heat isn't too high.

The rate at which prices increase is too high, especially for how little they increase. When the game starts, +0.10 damage is great, but later on it makes almost no different but takes hours of saving up to afford

It's really good so far. Please keep updating it

what is the song called?

wayyy to slow at first. it took forever to realize the dot even moves

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Descriptions of what everything does would be helpful. Other than that: nice concept. What's the point of storage if you can have display tables for the same price?

The controls are V and ,

Might be an alright game if it gave any instructions at all, such as how to get water or dump it

There are times in our lives where we come across an experience that is truly breathtaking and changes who we are and how we see things. This is one of those

Nice game, maybe you should add an option to turn on "experimental features" aka the features turned off for balancing. Also I don't like how clicking to damage works with the game speed. Maybe you can make it so the user just has to hold down the mouse and then it damages on an interval determined by the game speed.