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I really love this story, I am been waiting for chapter 5. I hope it's not abandoned.

It's ok, and yay! :)

awe.. Ok, but you are welcome. I love this game so much, It's beautiful.

Cool game, waiting for updates. I like the game.

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Awesome, thank you and you are welcome and Thomas is hot too, i wonder can he be romance too?

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Thomas Kleinmann is also Cute Too.  :) I wonder can he be a love interests too. :)

Oh, i hope we get season 3, i love this story so much. 

Yeah! Winter is bad, because the heavy snow, i meant wow, that's a lot of snow and it's still snowing, and waiting for tomorrow it's sunny and no more snow.  but I am happy for you keeping us updated, and i love this game and the chapters are awesome. So exciting for next chapter. 

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT the Ending romance to Mr Suit!!!!!!!!!!!!  I dont need a guide and I got all four ending romance!!!!  -HappyDance- :P :)

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Does anyone know how to get Mr Suit romance ending? The Cursed item, work on him. Is there a guide for Mr Suit romance ending?

When is chapter 6 going to be updated???

I am sad this game won't start the game. Oh well.

Congratulations   :) I love this game, it is awesome.  :) 

I wonder too? Is Chapter 5 come soon or not?