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yeah! it is a simple-ish game-- i just gotta make it also look nicer too in terms of game play ><;;;;;;;

ahhh thank you so much ;-; i've been stuck at work so i don't have much time to work on it.. but i hope to finish it on time


im still trying to figure everything out and trying to make sense of everything---


toto working hard on this project while im at work!

so this day is the day of the TOTO!!!!

figuring out how the buttons work!!!

also got some more cat designs by the lovely elvie mae parian

Hi! I'm Snotty, and I'll be working with my buddy TOTO to make our game about cats eating cheeseburgers.
We heard about this from a bunch of our friends who are making theirs too! We thought it would be a perfect opporutinity to finally test out our bigger game idea we've had on the go in a much simpler form.


I know... this is very crudely drawn;; but it was the best way to get my idea out quickly;;
Anyways, If you keep feeding the cats correctly, they'll stay and cuddle you forever until you suffocate from all the cat love!

Art Design
Originally wanted to make it all pixel art, but since there's a crunch in time, we decided to just go with my usual art style.

This is the first one I've made--- I also got my friend, gokibooty to design a whole bunch of cats

We wanted to get the assets out of the way quickly, and tomorrow we'll start playing around with the game!

so we'll report in tomorrow!!! hopefully..