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Snorachu's Park is a platformer game where you try to help Snorachu collect as many Snorberries as possible before time runs out. He doesn't like Snorrottens, so don't collect those! Snorachu's Park is compatible with any device running a modern browser - even your phone!

Before you post a new topic, please read this list of (possibly?) common problems. 

  • How do I get this to work on my phone? You must tap the "Touchscreen Mode Off" button to toggle Touchscreen Mode to on. 
  • The game is severly broken! Sometimes when I upload a new release, the game is severly broken. If this is the case, don't post a new topic reporting the bug until 24 hours has passed. Make sure you are checking for updates during that time. Most of the time, I will fix the problem within a few minutes of the glitched version being published. Some examples of severe problems are the menu not showing, touchscreen mode not doing anything, an inability to collect Snorberries, or a timer that never ends. 
  • The game is not showing up or appears strange! There are two main reasons for this. If you are looking at the Snorachu's Park page in the itch app, nothing will show. You have to download the game. If you are in a normal web browser, then your browser is probably out of date. Download a browser supporting HTML5. I recommend Mozilla Firefox.
  • Fullscreen mode doesn't work in Safari on iOS! Sorry, but Snorachu's Park is not compatible with Safari on iOS. Try Firefox, available from the App Store.

If your problem/other thing is not listed here, feel free to post a topic about it.