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Rip repeat

I think its the cat lol

wait a death scene??

Srsly they are I think all the characters are great so far

I forgot her name but the girl dog is so wholesome wth

I miss the repeat visual novel

oh im dumb lmao

is the update delayed? just curious

when will the next update will come out? Just curious no rush :p

I miss this game :(

is this game dead?

I have a recommendation for the MC sprite one. If you do add a sprite for him then you should make it customizable at some point. And also this VN is like the best one I've probably played all year

i thought the characters on the cover would be in the game-

I really hope this game gets updated its a really good visual novel. probably the best one I've played so far

I thought Kegar was a monkey at first lmao

Oh I read it wrong lmao

wait the update is coming out in nine months?

is this game dead?

Its an amazing game but idk how to get the good ending where he doesn't reject you at the end. :p

I cant beat you up if I don't get closer

i saw "memento mori" on the home screen for the game and it scared me for a sec lmao

whenever i open a save file now it just says there was an error and ive tried clicking ignore but it just sends me to the beggining of the game with even more errors and glitched. what do i do