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is there any nsfw with ben in the demo

how do you go on a date with zold?

so its not possible to get it?


is there any way i can ask rohan whats going on? right now its just crossed out with PER10 on it

theres a bug where the game encounters an error while trying to travel to your house to sleep and if you ignore it it will send you to the crafting area of the house and constantly find an error if you hit nevermind

how do i get the companion?

wait theres gonna be another update in the same month?

cant wait for the update

is the game dropped?

the game encounters an error when re entering the cavern for the vurro quest

is there a way to go to the healer without crashing?


can anyone help me with solving the slime dungeon puzzles i got through the first part but now theres buttons with symbols on them?


depending on who you aid in the battle will they always get hurt and be unavailable? or is that preventable? because i did all of the preparation in the last update and finn was sent out of commission.

how do i access dwaynes route

rip cockhole twitter account it will always be in our hearts

update: i found where he is but is there another way to get to him that doesnt require upgrading agility? and is there a way to get a pickaxe yet?

is vurro in the public update?

Corn dog = [corn, sausage, eggs, milk]

BBQ Ribs Plate = [rib, corn, yam, milk]

Fish Salad Sandwich = [fish, eggs, bread, scheese]

Yamatoe Tornado = [yam, hcheese]

Surf and Turf Bites = [steak, fish]

Veggie Salad = [bro, fruit, yam, vines]

Grilled Wings = [quail, fruit]

Grilled Cheese Sandwich = [scheese, hcheese, bread]

Clover Stew(Secret) =[steak, fish, sausage, eggs]

Suspicious Stew(Secret) = [vines, fish, eggs, bro]

root = ingredient("Kerrat Root")

    sausage = ingredient("Boarix Sausage")

    corn = ingredient("Cornmeal")

    eggs = ingredient("Cham Eggs")

    steak = ingredient("Buflae Steak")

    rib = ingredient("Buflae Ribs")

    scheese = ingredient("Soft Cheese")

    hcheese = ingredient("Hard Cheese")

    bread = ingredient("Bread")

    milk = ingredient("Milk")

    quail = ingredient("Quail")

    fish = ingredient("Trun Fish")

    fruit = ingredient("Kerrat Fruit")

    yam = ingredient("Yamatoe")

    vines = ingredient("Mone Vines")

    bro = ingredient("Brokli")

Hope this helps.


what animal is hiro?

there isnt any new area for me after talking to uffe idk if the new stuff got added or smth

(1 edit)

I accepted it in the last update and the cavern isn’t anywhere on the map in this update

how do i access the new area?

i still cant craft an anvil for steel is this a bug?

is there a way to get the golem hand and show it to the goat tribsmen

and when you get too many quests and tasks they end up going off screen so i cant tell what im supposed to do

theres a lot of error messages with that and with the minotaur blue part of the puzzle if you reset it, it doubles the statues and lets you auto win (i wasnt complaining with it but i just thought u should know)

theres a bug where if you run from a werewolf it send you to a maze thing but you cant see your character not move around and the screen is slightly moved to the right and it if you lose to the werewolf it gives you an error message


why does tai have more days than diego :(

is there a guide for the making a new recipe part of the game?

how old is the person who wrote the story

does anyone have a guide for wes route or any hints? i cant get the ending where you stay with him

omg im crying it feels like ive been following this vn for so long and that ending was so sad 

will this game cost money when it comes out

oh hell nah this was a trip :(

oh no its you

is there anywhere where i can read the known lore of this game 

alr thx

the pc version is broken :(