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Wow. Great. Glad you like it. 

Thank you.

Thanks so much my friend.

I will. Thanks.

So next time I will make one in Unity to put Sound and graphics to it. :)

Thanks. I made this one with HTML and JS. :)


oh, ok. I misunderstoo then. :)

I just tried it and sound was on right away. 

That´s strange. Have to check it out.

Thanks, I got it. :)

Where is the download?

It´s ok, I thought too first that I messed up on the code, but it is supposed to be like that. :)

You have to keep on trying. It took me a while too to get to the sphere. Just use the up and down buttons as well. It get´s easier when the snake get´s smaller.

Got you.

Nice little game. Few bugs in there after restart the game, coins didn´t come back on only lives, no counting either.  And how do you shoot?

Mine, you can only play it on, no download. What settings are you using when you upload your zip file?

I still don't know how to upload the file for others to download it for Windows.

The game looks so alive. Nothing to dislike in your game.

Wow. Amazing work. Lovely Game.  

I will check it out tomorrow. Looking good. Congrats.


Nice Pixel Art. Love your style. 

It´s hard to cross those platforms. Also the first object if you don´t jump far enough you get killed. I can´t make it across platforms.