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so was forced to switch over to teleport mode, which in my opinion is inferior, but still managed to play the game for a few hours.   Really like the game has alot to offer and alot more potential.  a few tweaks i would consider : Increase grow length and in return the amount of time in between waterings, seems you almost have to hover them as soon as you plant otherwise it sucks all the water very quickly, also possibly some kind of freshness meter, that if left too long without water they die.  : A brief tutorial, like when you order things they go in boxes outside, took 10 mins to figure out they are delivered then need to be extracted on the unboxing table.  : Storage bins whether it be for pre cut bud, seeds or just general storage, having bud and seeds loose all over then unboxing table seems redundant, and without a way to remove bud from a jar, you cannot pre fill a bunch of jars to even have on display since every customer is going to come in and order a different amount. (and for more added realism, make it so you must purchase a scale and weigh out the bud before you can jar it up) : an obvious one but one i assume you are working on : more display and fun items to customize the store : Possible coop with one or two others so you can have one person running the front and one person concentrate on growing.  : Different strains need different lights that perhaps you have to adjust up and down through the different stages of grow (which again should be longer).

Just a few suggestions id love to see in this game, Cheers and Good job so far!! 

(sorry if my last post seemed a bit sarcastic, but the movement issue really bothered me.. most people who play these Vr games are running around using the analog sticks for FPS and other games and i dont think nausea will be a concern for most, but you already have the teleport as an option too.)

really wanted to play this game but the controls are completely unusable.  in what game do you rotate with the left and walk with the right... need to switch this or at least make it customizable, but need to move with left and turn head with right like every other controller out there or people wont play it.