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Kena mäng. Suutsin elus püsida 56sek. :D

A very fun game ngl. :D

Very nice

Lõbus esimene mäng. Oleks hea kui saaks midagi muud ka teha peale ringi liikumise. Loodan et see pole selle mängu viimane versioon. :D

The description of the game was better than the game it self. "stink gangers". Got a laugh out of me thanks. Could be a great game if it was set in 2077 and the game was more developed. :D

Nah I just like to look at what has been the recent uploads on Itch and check out the games that are most eye catching. :D Am currently doing stuff with unity myself so am just looking at what other developers are working on and such. :D

Very fun game. Noticed when I change the orc to higher level in battle the hp stays the same as it was. It doesnt seem to update the hp but just changes the orc's strenght.

fun game :D

Played the game really fun. Felt like there wasn't much of a challenge only for the platforms itself. :/ Also when you run jump once the running animation stops and when you keep moving the character is just floating across the level. :D Also on level 2 idk if it was intentional or not but at the end before the elevators that take you to the finish there is an invisible background block that has like a collider or something. You can jump on it and it can block your movement as well. Its close to the bottom of the second last elevator. :D Great game had fun. :D

Played the game and loved it. Got only down to level 2 though. On some of the blocks on level two due to the player itself having a massive collider. The character can just hover over the square blocks if it were to be sprinting as if it was a floor. Also dont know what those floating red and yellow things give. Can imagine that the game is just a prototype right? Had fun regardless. :D

Got up to 110 points. Fun game got bored tho no increasing difficulty. Also would be more fun if it had like some music and maybe some paricles and a simple animation for the car driving. :D

What did you use the particle system for the trails?

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The background sound is really loud and spooky. And love how the planets in the distance keep fading in and out as they come into the view and out of the view. xD

Otherwise a great little project you've made. :D

Hey am also into game development but relatively new to it. If you down for me to join in on the development of it just for the fun of it am more than down. :D

Hey am a bit of a beginner myself. Lemme know if ya wanna help me develop the game with ya uno. :D

A very fun game. Got down into a few levels. Idk if there are any victory conditions or not. :D