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255 on my first try. Amazing game. Simple and fun!

Very cool game, takes a long time in the first 4 tiers, but the last 2 go by very quickly. It took me 11 hours, but I was AFK most of the time. The dilation is confusing, there are no upgrades for it. The game is relatively new, so I understand if there are more updates coming.


Quite a good game, especially for the short amount of time.

EcoClicker community · Created a new topic Amazing Game!

This game is one of my favorites, the playthrough is very fun, as climate change is a strong topic for me. I have shared this to all of my friends. The first thing I thought when I started the game was "Mr. Beast would love this game"!

Congrats on making a game this good!

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This game is really cool. I like it the way it is, but it would be nice to be able to speed up time(making the days go by faster). I would also like to see how much my happiness is affected by my work time. I sort of understand it, but it would be helpful to know that.

Thanks for making this really nice game.

Edit: It is ok if you don't update this anymore, as it has been a few years, but I would enjoy seeing my ideas in the game.