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I was just telling someone about this oracle in a group and saw that it updated! Fantastic work as always

This game is amazing! I am often looking for RPGs that sort of help the GM play, and this game has Flowcharts that almost made my jaw drop. It is the most easy to approach game as a GM and the weird world and fluorescent art just draw the eye in. One look at the GM screen art and it puts your imagination in a great place for UVG. 

If you've been craving a game that's really about the long strange trip,  this is the one, stop looking you found it.

Oh wow did this guy make the Dungeonmorphs from Inkwell? I have a ton of dungeonmorph dice and they look pretty similar to what he's made here.

You continually introduce me to amazing tools for RPGs. Thank you! Never heard of Dyson Logo before now.

This reminds me of Watabou's One Page Dungeon Generator. Neat!

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I don't actually know where a customer of Itch sees a rating review so I wanted to leave some kind words here too. This adventure is the height of weird wizardry! If you like weird crazy morally gray wizards who care more about the CAN than the SHOULD, this book will *not* disappoint. 

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Honestly I've gotta say Juice lives in my Notebook and the two very main things I use are just the standard die of fate resolution and meaning tables.trap table is also good for magic items..

Making magic items through the creature trait thing.
I essentially use Lilliputian as my system and Juice fills all the gaps. A dungeon, hexcrawl, and weather kit would make it essentially replace mausritter for me! Lol

Very excited to see what you have in store!

indeed. even the link included in my physical purchase of the book leads to this new downgraded version. Really not a cool move.

I can't tell if the average person would see a review.. So check this game out! If you like Mausritter, this pretty well feels like the ocean expansion.

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The best email to receive! I am so happy to see the monster generator system agnostic! I could make do with the 5e list, just making up stats as makes sense for the system I'm in, but these new tables will be *even better* for that.

I really love the idea for generating a sense because when I try to write "At First Sight" sections for ROOT I tend toward using the same descriptions, and this will give me a nice list to roll from. I thought it was perfect before and it somehow gets even better.

One question though! What exactly is the scale table for? I obviously see it's use just in the name, but what do you primarily use it for.

Closely following your work. This is one of my favorite creations and is my pocket GM screen. Haha

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I have a BIG bag of FATE dice I never get to use anymore because I play different systems these days, so I already had the loveliest set to choose from for this system.

BY FAR the best instant result *magic 8-ball* effect and I am printing BUNCHES of these to show to everyone I know. 
This is now a standard GMing tool in my set.
The meanings table is also much more readable and easy to use, and with the tables provided you can easily answer ANY question you could possibly ask with easily interpretable results that fit in your pocket.

NOTE: you will need to read the full version before the pocket one makes any sense, but I LOVE pocketfolds. and this is now the best one I have.

FANTASTIC work, and setting agnostic so I can use it with my whole collection of weird space games.

If there is any part of you that is considering getting OrcBorg because of its fluorescent imagery and vulgar language. DO IT. This is an EXTREMELY well written rules light game that I cannot get enough of. 

Check out the Generatorc too!

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If you got friends who love playing the Big Dumb Strongguy, this has got to be one of the BEST games for those people.