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Thanks so much for playing! There'll be more updates in the future, so we hope you keep an eye out. Your game was pretty rad, and I liked the unique gameplay mechanics needed to win.  

Thanks for playing! There's supposed to be a bit more to everything,  but we didn't get to finish on time. The girl appears depending on your actions, not so much as a waiting period lol. We felt that having explicit instructions to the player would break the horror immersion and experience. Also, great job getting to the rabbit guy :D

Loved it! I took on every single challenge from the giant orb thingy, so that was fun. It's nice that you don't have to restart the whole game after dying once. I did have to turn down my volume because the SFX peaked several times for me.  But good game! 

Thanks a lot for playing it! Means a lot to us! I really liked playing your game as well since I'm a fan of running and gunning games :D

Haha thanks very much! We purposely left the things unhighlighted so the player has to actually click around and explore the maps. I'd recommend replaying it because the story randomly changes everytime. There's also a few Easter Eggs scattered about if you're up to it  :) 

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Thanks for playing! We made it so you have multiple options to pick if you replay it. The current version has some bugs (impossible to get one of the endings and some broken cheats lol), but we'll update it after the voting period ends. Would highly recommend replaying it multiple times because there's a lot of stuff in there. 

Depending on how you play and your choices, the game changes dynamically based on your decisions, so we hope it makes for a more immersive and unique gaming experience for each player. 

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Nice puzzle game, liked playing it. Found some typos here and there but that's about it lol

Great game, loved the comic style of the storytelling. My only complaint/issue/gripe is the placement of the keys  for attacking the monster. I kept on getting sent to the left  and my hands were cramping to hit the X while moving closer. I'm not sure if it's meant to played with 1 or 2 hands, but it's a little hard with 1 . Found it easier to move with left hand while hitting X with my right index finger.  Looking forward to seeing the finished version  :)

Nice game, I went into it blind so I thought the game ended and repeated itself after the first loop lol. The text in the church was a little hard for me to read because of the colors, but I got the gist of it. 

Really liked it! The most unique gameplay I've had and the graphics were amazing. Was a little confusing figuring out how to navigate at first, but I eventually got it after reading the tutorial several times haha (also I'm not good at puzzle games in general)

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Good game, only cons were the font (was a little hard to read for me) and loud sound effects. Had to take off my headphones for this. There was also a small bug where the yellow paint made the water red the 2nd time I tried it. Nice puzzles though!