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Flying P.I.G.S community · Created a new topic Great work!
  • The simple 2 colours are appealing, 
  • This twist to a popular mechanic is brilliant 
  • I honestly love the subtle screen shake with the particle explosion. I actually can feel the impact and it is very satisfying.  


I had realised I forgot to turn on the sound.

  • I am very impressed with sound fx and music. 
  • I didn't realise each character had different mechanics to the controls. MIND-BLOWING!

I have only just followed you on YouTube...You have become one of my favourite YouTubers!!!

Well done! Thank you.

I didn't but I thought to revisit the conversation. Thank you so much for this. THANK YOU THANK YOU

I must be doing something wrong...nothing happens when I press X or A or any keys, even a controller is not responding...just stuck on the intro screen

I would provide a donation even in the state it is in. Don't be embarrass, you have not seen my T-SQL code that I do for a living and I have bee doing it for 20 years

That would be super! I will look out for this.

Hi Philip, Just saw your amazing work in this experience. I would love to learn more about how you achieved your projectile particle effect. There were so many small "juicy" effects that I wish I know how to use in this LD46 jam coming up this weekend.

Thank you so much for taking the time to have a look at the code and provide some gem wisdom.