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I like the Pixel Art very much. Will the pixel artist be making a tileset and adding it to the game as a graphical option? I personally think that would be fantastic.

Sounds like you do. So go ahead and pick it up. 

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I'm inclined to agree with Next...

 I would buy right now if a future Steam key came with the purchase. I like all my games in one place, and can't bring myself to buy it twice. 

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Is there a tutorial that one can read from his/her phone, tablet, or computer(full screen)? It would be nice. Rather than leaning in towards the upper right hand corner of the game screen, One could kick back relax and read it comfortably. Thanks.

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Steam key answer in faq. 

But yea you'll get one if you have and account on itch and signed in before purchase. I linked my accounts to be sure.

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I occasionally want to just knock down a single tree or three. They sometimes block the view. Glad to hear purchasing AI owned places/things will be in the game.  :)

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Can you please add an option to either demolish trees or perhaps, add optional filtered views? Examples: Roads only, Your buildings/roads/track only, Traffic, etc..

Another idea..  maybe add an option to purchase unowned things like roads and businesses?