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How compatible is Luna Engine with Mog Hunter's main menu scene plugin?  I use a lot of Yanfly's plugins so the main menu scene is the only scene of Mog Hunters I use, the rest of all pretty much default windows.  I have done quit a bit of work making the main menu scene look nice so I wanted to know... should I try to replace Mog Hunters plugins altogether or try to get Luna to work with it?

Hey guys, this looks really cool and I am about to start reading posts and watching youtube video's but I am just curious about the level of know-how needed to take advantage of this tools potential. I am using Octopack Battle by Olivia and I see it says that this is compatible with it but I also read that I need to you "templates" if I use Yanflys plugins.

Where can I find these templates?

Also, I have very little (and in saying very little I actually mean absolutely zero) experience with JS or coding. I am good at figuring things out if I have examples, however. If by some chance I have no luck getting the desired effect for my game I just want to ask... are there people around of might do commissioned work or even tutor me on how to get the result I want (for commission also)? I'm not completely hopeless, I have been making mods for various other games for some time now and I am good at following technical guides and advice.

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Awesome man, thanks for the fast reply. I forgot that was where I found them, I think I still have you set up on Patreon. 

Edit: Hey, do you have a master list of all your work somewhere? Seems it's spread out over a couple different sites. I would love to take some time and look over everything again, I am just getting back into RPG Maker.

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Hey Aekashics, I downloaded a large ultra pack a while back that had 6 zodiac creatures in it... I was wondering if you ever released the other 6 creatures and if so, where can I find them?

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Your map style is really amazing, I am kinda OCD and making stuff look... random is very hard for me, heh. I love this and plan on studying it extensively.  Thank you Ladyluck Sama. 

Edit: Was going to ask how much you might charge to have a map like this commissioned and then I read that it took you 40 hours! A labor of love, indeed. If you are open to the idea feel free to toss out a quote, however. I go by the same name on the RPG Maker site, btw.  It's funny, I've been modding and making mods for Bethesda games for a while and I picked up right away what this map reminded me of and then I read that your inspiration was Skyrim, good stuff. I am currently pondering the logistics of making a game similar to Oblivion with the RPG Maker system and was looking for just the right world map style. =)