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thx bruh

thanks bruh!

cool game!

Great game! Reminds me of Dolphin Olympics. Only change I would make is to not make it lose when you do a bad landing.

Plays like morrowind, looks like morrowind, feels like morrowind!

thanks c: Each time you collect an orb the score increases. It’s displayed in the background 

Heckin' cool game C:

Just wanted to say thanks!

Not anymore C:

thx my fren

great graphics! love the aliens C:

ikr!!! C:

thx bruh

it’s just a test level. I started too late and couldn’t finish on time :)

Very cool game!

Thx for feedback. The weird input/camera issue is due to webgl, in editor it's very different. Ghosts move using the original pac man logic so no actual spotting is going on. I wanted to make the tunnels and energizers but ran out of time :/ it was created in one day mostly.

thx ma fren ;)

That's a crazy story! Hope you're okay!

Love your work!

you go gurrrl!

I LOVE U !!! ps. no homo

Thank you for your feedback. Did not expect such positivity for such a failed attempt at a game.

p.s. are you high? ;)

really nice but propulsion by space seems a bit redundant