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stale community · Posted in Hints
Final hint: The game uses only one button, and you can use it to do three distinct actions.
stale community · Posted in Hints

A few more hints:

  • Think about positive and negative space.
  • Looks for relationships between objects.
  • How did things get this bad?
stale community · Created a new topic Hints

A couple hints for anyone having trouble:

  • The game can be won and it can be lost.
  • The game is first a puzzle game, then a strategy game, then an action game.
  • That feeling of not being sure if you're screwing up? Welcome to one of my worst fears.

Good luck!

stale community · Created a new topic CoalFire's LP

I switched the page to a discussion forum because CaoFire's LP thumbnail could be considered a spoiler for anyone who wanted to be spooked/surprised by what the game contains...

You made an important discovery at 1:41... ;-)