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Also, I found a gender mix-up when Jolie is a dominatrix and she's holding onto the MC. I have female chosen, but it said 'cock' when it mentioned her letting go. 

I love this game! It's pretty fun, and I especially appreciate being able to change what gender the MC is when we want to in the second chapter. Sometimes, I'll get surprised by not being the gender I want to be for a particular scene (usually Futa when I want female), but then I can just rewind to before the scene started and change my gender! Really great feature, and the only complaint I have is that there aren't any interactions with the bank or casino outside of talking with that one woman (forgot her name) and that there aren't any more soulgems as far as I'm aware, but I know that'll change as it gets updated more.

Such beautiful music! Did you play it yourself, or did you find it?

Sorry if you don't need help with this anymore, but to enter cheats, you need to go to options, go under the 'game' tab, and enable console commands. Then press the tilde/squiggly line key on your keyboard.

This game was... Weird. Not really scary. After all, it wasn't atmospheric, it didn't have creepy music, and the fact that there was footprints and blood puddles coming up again and again just confused me, rather than scared me. There was also a buzzing that became louder and louder each time I went to mop up the footprints/blood puddles. I got a little shiver from that, but it was more an ASMR shiver rather than a creeped out shiver. If it had more scary music and and a dark atmosphere, then maybe I would've liked it and even gotten scared from it! Also, I think a loud noise would've helped with the surprise of the skeleton.

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Holy crap, all the sudden movements from outside got my heart almost racing! Great game! If it was in first person view, that would've made it easier (and probably even more scarier since you would see it from the played character's eyes rather than from an invisible bystander.) But other than that, it's a good game!

Holy crap this was creepy! The nun teleporting was already creepy, with the dark atmosphere and music just increasing that fear of something happening! Also, I knew there was something wrong with the stew. And I jumped at the tendril suddenly coming towards the camera. Overall, a great game that I would definitely play if it was made to be longer!

Then I have no idea how you don't have the achievement.

Oh my gosh, this is too cute! I love how wholesome it is!

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And I just realized Milton's wife name is Karen. God hope she doesn't find out that someone needs milk too or so help her, she will ask for their manager! lmao

If you're still looking for an answer, you have to cum in every single way possible. Tip, deep, hands, feet, everywhere.

I love the speed modifier because if you turn on 'always sprint' and turn the speed up to 300%, Jenna bounces around like she's Sonic.

Nevermind! I was being a dumbass.  XD

I think there should be a feature where, if Jenna's drunk while working the evening job, it would force her to almost go to the wrong table then let the player take back control. It would be hilarious.

There's a bit of a problem. When I was bartending, a customer asked for a sweet drink on the rocks, and it won't let me mix up anything, nor is there a recipe that's supposed to be purely sweet in the book.

Because of the damn hitstun.

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True. I've gotten really close to beating it a lot only for the hitstun to fuck that all up. And don't even talk to me to Bellflower throwing multiple shurikens at once both low and high.

So... Close...

Toilet Paper "Pepe" Milk "Milton" Bread "Brea" Coincidence? I think not!

I got into 1000 gold debt and now the only person who will approach me without eating people, taking their souls, or draining happiness is the knight! I hate how the royal advisor comes to me and says that she raised taxes significantly without telling me!!!! I'm sorry that I don't want to drain my kingdom's happiness and community for gold!


Cool dude.

Fun but there was a constant notification for 'call mom' that made the game freeze.

Forgotten Fun!

It wouldn't continue after the what's up

Just a little note to those who are talking about just getting Lola Waifu. The creator said that they didn't get around to finishing this, but decided to publish it anyways.

Yeah, anytime after breakfast, if you enter the house, then you can't leave the kitchen/dining area, you can't even go upstairs.

I found a glitch. If you try to enter Chloe's house after you leave it, you're stuck.

I love this game! While I agree with others that it could be longer, the ending is superb!

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You could add more lives. I got so close to getting to stage five, and I had to start all over because I missed the jump on my last life. Also, how do we enter the room code?

I see you

I got a fake hope

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Just like your other game (make sure it's closed), it was short and scary. Beautiful!

Edit:I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't look behind myself at all, and I was impressed.

Holy shit this made my heart beat super fast even if it was a minute!