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Cool dude.

Fun but there was a constant notification for 'call mom' that made the game freeze.

Forgotten Fun!

It wouldn't continue after the what's up

Just a little note to those who are talking about just getting Lola Waifu. The creator said that they didn't get around to finishing this, but decided to publish it anyways.

Yeah, anytime after breakfast, if you enter the house, then you can't leave the kitchen/dining area, you can't even go upstairs.

Please update soon

I found a glitch. If you try to enter Chloe's house after you leave it, you're stuck.

I love this game! While I agree with others that it could be longer, the ending is superb!

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You could add more lives. I got so close to getting to stage five, and I had to start all over because I missed the jump on my last life. Also, how do we enter the room code?

I see you

I got a fake hope

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Just like your other game (make sure it's closed), it was short and scary. Beautiful!

Edit:I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't look behind myself at all, and I was impressed.

Holy shit this made my heart beat super fast even if it was a minute!