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I'm pretty sure this project is dead馃槶 But thats ok! I loved the story we got, thank you for making such likeable characters lol. I especially liked nim.

short and hilarious

Wow, even the characters who aren't date-able are interesting and feel real! Devs obviously put so much effort into this game, it's really nice to see the time and work spent on every character ^^ 

Each storyline/route was entertaining! I especially liked xyx's route, that dude was funny as hell.

Oh my god I love this game so much thank you

Adorable! I played it all in one sitting, all the characters are likeable and enjoyable!

Loved it! Love interest was likeable and fun. Love the use of the TBH creature lol

This game is probably one of my favorite visual novels I've played in a while! I got all the endings in one sitting lol. It's very eady to get invested in the story and characters around you. I especially liked the main antagonist, he was super cool! Thank you for creating an awesome game ^^ I've already recommended it to my friends