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This review is of the vanilla 1.0 version.

TL;DR == I liked it!

Positive Notes:

  • Enjoyable premise and setting
  • Clever use of explanation (super strength) for typically awkward weightless VR objects.
  • Moves well, doesn't feel too clunky.
Negative Notes:
  • Confusing lack of directions at times (Urns)
  • Audio issues (playing after game over screen, looping audio instances, whistle)
  • Start of the game has the player facing a wall rather than the subtitle cards, might want to reorient.
  • Predetermined teleport locations are fine, but static directionality is less jarring to the player's sense of direction, I found myself turned around more than once. Hardly a game breaker, but it was noticeable.
  • Directions on what to do in situations is a little vague, needs clearer elaboration (Urns), I'd throw up a short text wall or voice clip explaining what to do.
  • Non-studio, unfiltered microphones rarely do a good job picking up high frequency whistles without sounding too breathy, it's an ear-catcher.