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Occasionally when sucking upleft the character would become invisible. Not sure what causes it since it doesn't seem to happen consistently.

I like the style and relaxing gameplay. Its a nice game. 

Ah I thought you were using gamemaker studio since I was filtering for that. In gamemaker the way the field of view is done is with a "camera" which you can manipulate in some ways. This is still pretty cool though I just understand it less.

I like it. Kinda simple, but still pretty good.

Very useful, I am trying to make a metroidvania right now, and while I had already drawn it out I think this helps me really think about how its going to flow instead of just day dreaming about it. Some ideas would be a way to pin  a room in place so that its not constantly wiggling, a way to color rooms and lines that lead to rooms, the ability to drag and drop the rooms in the tool box in order to rearrange them,  a way to show that there is an ability, item, or event in a room and tell the difference between them. 

I am still going to use this and thanks its very useful.

I like it. How do you make a "hold to jump higher" mechanic? Also how did you do the camera?

So this is pretty good so far, did you make the assets yourself? Also you could probably add a stopping animation by checking momentum direction and changing sprite or something along those lines depending on how you did the code. 

Why do you attack twice? If you want a double attack maybe you could make it like links smash attack in smash bros where you have to press it twice, but the second attack is different.

A run might be nice. Like holding shift would make you run faster. Also why is attack E? Just feels a bit odd.

Overall though I like it. It doesn't feel terrible to play and it looks good even if the assets were bought or free.

I have questions. Was this made with gamemaker studio? How did you get that camera working perfectly? I like how similar the movement is to metroid, how did you do that? Is the enemy following a path or does it somehow stick to the wall? How did you do the room transitions? 

I like this its nice good job.

The game seems really fun and well made. You should add save points or checkpoints.

Nice! I like seeing good games made in GameMaker.

Very fun and satisfying. Not super easy to lose, but you still have to pay attention. I thought the lack of currency or cooldown for the dice would make the game boring, but the fast pace and strong enemies level out the difficulty. I like the art style. The RNG of the game doesn't feel broken or even especially irritating like it does in some other games. I'm curious about what you used to make this and how you got the dice to do their dice thing. Overall I think it was a pretty fun game that is going in my liked list.

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Love it so far, definitely adding it to my liked list.

Also what is the key to blaze?

Edit: Just beat it, very fun

|My Opinion:| Love it. Pretty unique and fun.

 |Random ideas:| Multiplayer might be an interesting idea. Some kinda block and maybe a different slash could be cool 

|Bugs:| If you dash along the wall and slash a bunch you can get stuck. Its not super easy to do so not really a major issue I guess, but you might want to look at that at some point.

Kinda reminds me of First Cut, which is another game on itch

Fun game. Beat it first try with like 5 seconds left I was so scared. I feel like the security wasn't really a threat beyond the time limit. Maybe there should be some things to remind and distract you. Like thumps at the door or something. Over all it was a fun game.

Better than two llamas.

very well made and very fun, It feels a bit rushed, but considering the time frame its impressive.

Fun game. I love the Megaman theme. Music and art are good. Enemy designs are good. Walls are sticky, which makes platforming irritating. Enemy timing is a little weird. Too short and especially with that cliff hanger.

FuN and satisfying. The random capitalization is making mE paRanoid. I look forwarD to a sequel.

wow this is horrifying.

I like it.

feels unfinished but overall its really fun and I like  a lot of the mechanics.

Feels a lot like super hot I like it.

thank you I couldn't find it either.

I think the arrows should be bigger and more of a physical thing, to make it different from the usual shooter. Just an idea.

1m 58s 497ms

I haven't tried it yet, but I like the aesthetic. Good job :)

This was actually really fun

fun and funny, but very painful. I can really see the effort that was put into this. It's well made for only having a week to work on it. Will not play again lol.

This is great, although the lack of invincibility frames can be irritating at times. Extremely fun though, love the game.

Great game! Anxiety inducing at first sight, but didn't take me too long to figure it out.

I like this


I love the art style, but it's obviously unfinished. Pretty nice for one week worth of work though. Hope you make more!

Thanks! Don't know how I didn't see that before lol

This looks fun, how do I download this?

I've played it a bit more since I posted that and I like it a lot.

So I know there is a version of the game on computer AND mobile, but could you port it to graphing calculator please?