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I am SO glad people have been posting playthroughs in the comments! I attempted to stream this but had to stop because I'm a wimp and got too freaked out the first time the puppet comes after you, but I'm really really intrigued by the storyline and I want so badly to know how the whole thing wraps up. One thing I really loved was the environment design. Everything about that house was just left of what a real house would look like (furniture placement, the weirdly steep stairs, etc), and it all worked well to create a sense that Something Is Wrong. Very very cool!

This game was really fun! I ran it with zero prep for a group of 4 players. I'd say it definitely takes a bit of practice to get the hang of timing the scenes, and I'd advise going in with a liiiiitle more prep than I did, but otherwise it's very snappy and quick. Extremely fun character creation!