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Lookong forward to this. One of my fave speccy games. It looks great 😊

I'm really glad you're enjoying it. Good to know it works on different machines. Hope you have fun.

Glad you're enjoying it. The game would be too easy if you could go back. It doesn't cause a problem as you'll see once you get further into the game. When he dies he always restarts in the same place. It avoids and multiple death problems which occur in games like Jet Set Willy. The arrows remain so that you know very quickly that the luggage has already been collected. The 'whiff' is actually gnats hovering over the cheese. They still hang around as the "whiff" is still there. Cheers, I love the 8x8 sprite style and not just because I think it looks great. It's better for collision detection and allows for a lot more sprites on the screen at the same time. I think it also gives you more space to explore in each screen too. The next few games will also use 8x8 sprites and then when I finally get around to doing a Percy Penguin sequel I'll revert back to 16x16 as the graphics will need that scale of detail.

I like that for 3D games like Doom where you can go in at least 4 directions. This is simple just left, right and jump. I don't think QW and space for jump is too bad personally, like Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, etc. I think they're easy to get used to with a bit of practice.

*** Please note version 3 (magerage3.tap) with AY music added is available as of 18th January 2020 ***

Thanks. My aim was to make a decent Christmas game that was a cross between Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy. It finished up exactly as I'd hoped :)

Fantastic. I've been waiting patiently for this one. Perfect timing for the weekend. Thanks Lee.

** Please note version 2 (magerage2.tap) with loading screen built in is available as of 8th November 2019 **

I'm pretty sure that won't be too far away judging on what I've seen in these games :

Fantastic. Well done kids :)

That's a shame . I hope you find an emulator that works on it so you get chance to play and enjoy the game :)

Which Spectrum Emulator are you using on your Mac? There's a bunch here -

I'll check out gdwc2019. Thanks for letting me know :)

Percy Penguin in The Present Palaver is a platform game for the ZX Spectrum in the same vein as Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.

You must traverse through 26 screens where you'll encounter all manner of creatures to avoid and glowing Christmas gifts to collect. All 50 presents must be returned back to Santa's workshop in the final hour before Christmas Day.

Ooooh, Sorry Andre. Portuguese?

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The first game review of Percy from Brazil.