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Game creepy as hell. Like it.

I stuck at black screen after achieving "stupid ending". Any chance to fix it?

For those who wonder what 826 number means.

It's an Angel Number and I guess its mark the "lamb".

So yeah... nothing special.

The game crash each time I finish clues in diorama of the supermarket.

I though the giveaway is a coupon for McDonald or something.

Definetly love the graphic and atmosfere of the game, the gameplay need a little work but overall good job.

Oh God... I managed to beat the game but after seeing the bonus objectives I think your'e mad...

Honestly, the ending was pretty clear to me but well...

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I did not know what to expected after playing the demo from HauntedPS1 but it piqued my attention when I played the compilation wondering what gonna be from this little piece of art.

And I was right, the full version didn't disapoint me, furthermore it delivers  quite entertaining gameplay and interesting lore to discover. A little short and yet decent game.

BTW the music from the "Game Machine" have this wierd mesmerizing effect like from some kind of old movies or something which draw your attention, great job.

What is the purpose of the yellow barrier?

When I click Right mouse button the error with "an exception has occurred" pops up and force me to restart the game.

I have the same issue but I've checked on today. It was supposed to be unlocked on 25. I think I missed it.

Just, no...

I don't get the plot of this game.

Decided to revisit Day 5 because something bothered me AND I was right, this game is HUUUGGGE. Not sure if I met all the characters.

Btw. I met her, smart...

Ah ok, I though that I had missing something so I couldn't progress but if its considered as is then its fine, I like the style of the game especially the running and its animation. Oh btw I notice that when you press F1 you kinda "enable" object mode or something.

I don't get this game. I think the creator forgot to add ending to it.

I've been waiting for this all year :)

I got a problem with the game

At the menu its starting to flicker and once I chose the new game I got black screen.

Any way to fix it?

I have to admit it, despite the game having glitchy and horrible look the plot of it is actually amazing and terrifying which make it worth playing. Great job.

The game doesn't look like 3 bucks worth.

The game is badly designed. It's just a big plain map with some tree surounded by fence (which by the way have a lot of gaps). I'm not sure if the Shift is working because the character didn't go faster so looking for the Letters took me more than an hour (I found only 5). Not sure why I'm looking for Letters and can't call the place Forest, more like private property. The only plus is graphic and athmospheric, just a random walk sim.

I don't get this "game"?

You can't anymore.

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Good to know, maybe I will try to look for the second one but currently the achievements from endings are blocking the Play Button or is it on purpose?

How many QR codes are hidden in the game?

So, is this game still alive or its rather a dead project?