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Try it now ;)

I need demo, NOW! XD

Haven't seen this game in a while, one of the closest games to PSX vibe I've played.

I am supprised how well this game looks, wish to see more.

Interesting game, love aesthetic.

Amazing compilation, didn't expect it would be a choice based.

I've played some games with Mannequin as stalker but this was suprisingly interesting.

What a game, never though I would have so much fun being attacked by underwater monster and fixing sinking ship. Good job.

When I gonna receive answer for my test?

Apparently the last part of the RIIIP when you get to the dark room is unfinished, might be updated later this month.

Happy Madvent everyone, lets check it out what await us in this year!

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I only had problem with the door because it was only issue I got. For examle I heard knocking but nothing happened. Or the head appeared along with the lady from the door so I was defendless. I will try now and see if its better.

There is no indicator for knocking on the door :(

Any news?

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I lost on last person netherless good game.

A new title, and for the Halloween. Good work mate!


Sorry my bad, I clicked so fast I didn't noticed the controls instruction.

This is the most brilliant idea for the game ever, I did enjoy it even though its short.

I did not expected for this game to be different each time you play, kudos for work.

To be honest, nothing special. Game for 5 min, a lot of object doesn't use collison, why? Apparently there is an option to turn on flashlight, I beat the game in total dark. It's more like tech demo or proof of work.

Laptop spec I ran the game;

  • GPU: GTX 1050 2GB VRAM
  • CPU: i5-7300HQ
  • Memory: 32GB
  • Storage: NVMe M.2
  • OS: W10

I have to admit, the game runs pretty smoothly.

I have to admint, the game have pretty neat atmosphere. Like the effect when someone is running to you in the dark.

I see patch note for v19 but not for v22.

Thanks for answer anyway.

I noticed some updates, what they changing?

Heh, I was wondering for what those glyphs are for, didn't think about using the vending machine for that. Thanks for the hint.

I'm stuck with the coin puzzle, what to do?

Nice game, interesting gameplay.

I see, it's kinda hard to play because the screen doesn't fit.

Unfortunately I cannot progress so I can't say much

How to change resolution?

Any progress towards update?

It's kinda buggy...

Why Walk is [Z][Q][S][D]?

Interesting game, got climat of the Silent Hill. But during game I encountered two bugs. First when I read Pete's note, pressing E button again in different spot, triggered note again. Second, when I picked up Toolbox I couldn't leave building, needed to restart.

Good game, interesting mechanic.

Good game, altough I felt that the ending was kinda too exaggerated but nevertheless I like the gameplay.

I felt nostalgic playig this game. It's shame it's was so short but well made.

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Honestly I'm not big fan of the visual novel and "gender" things but this one suck me to the end.

Interesting story and character even though the game is small I do enjoy it.

Good job.