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A bad decision...

The dog money

I am the greatest chef of all time...

Being a police officer is quite hard

Yeah I finally got a family...

Shrek is sad and that makes me sad...

I cant leave the FAMILY...

Having a good time with my gift in the woods..

My demon is back and she is not happy...

I need a new TV now...

I'm becoming Burgers now...

10/10 The greatest place I've ever worked.

I Just want my child back!!

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Bombing is the answer for everything...

The greatest pit Stop ever..

Sexy Roach is coming for me...

Kitty cat is all that matters.

This is too realistic.

I finally got my package.

What a cosy little town.

Let's go into the basement.

Extremely well made game my dude.

The Lizard Man does not like pineapple.

He just wants me to get a good night's rest.

Just helping out people breaking into houses and taking back what's theirs.

The Underworld Is Calling For Me

All he needs is a friend

I am her favourite.

The Microwave Is All We Need

The greatest job ever.

The only space I need.

This elevator was the greatest elevator.

The greatest time of my life.

My uncle has achieved the highest level of crafting.

He will be your "best" friend.

Is That You UMA

Saving my baby is my speciality.

I am the greatest summoner.

I am Max and I bring the pain.

Peter is my greatest client ever.