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This is rad as hell

This looks amazing, I can't wait to pick it up! I love so many of the people that helped with this.

Totally using this to run an infinite city surrounded by an infinite forest with "Wyrd and Wild"

This is fantastic. I played a couple sessions on the discord during the playtest, and really enjoyed it. Now that I see art for the orb drones, they're even scarier than imagined haha.

Haven't got to play it yet,  but it reads like exactly what I was looking for. My group is mainly high fantasy fans, and I think they also felt Into the Odd didn't give them enough options, and this might satisfy them.

Really like the stat lineup, feels right to me for good ol' fashioned delving. The magic is similar to something I was trying to make,  so I love it because I don't have to now. You just give enough extra mechanics that it's easy to make stuff up.

 Don't usually comment on things this detailed,  I just really liked this haha.