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lmfao it's not just you lol unfortunately for us the black hair + pseudo-santa outfit made our main character look like Ahri :') oh well, they are both great ladies still!

Glad you liked the game! And thank you for stopping by to drop a comment :)

Thanks so much for the comment! We're glad that you liked the game and the fluff (we'd like to say that our inspiration was the idea of a fluffy fox's tail, the floofiest of all) :)

Review: Best thing I've ever played

Pros: Best thing ever

Cons: ALL OF THE OPTIONS GIVE YOU THE KING dammit, duped again by the stalker king card

Summary: Play this if it even remotely interests you. As a mystery fan (read: nerd) I had a lot of fun with this. Looking forward to playing this again on steam for those hot hot achievements. Great game!

Hey, sorry. The game's not out yet! I apologize for such a wait but I'm working hard to make the game as good as possible :)