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I hope the gameplay loop is addicting or you somehow ace the story component of each it up like an anime episode so we anticipate the next battles we encounter (if it ends up being sort of like a boss fight game)

Np! thanks for responding if you do end up doing it I'll be the first one to purchase it or donate some money for it! Have a fantastic day

I would love so much a basic tutorial on drawing a blank pixel character in different poses and then the minor details, your work is soooooo good. I would pay for a whole beginners course if you ever decided to teach pixel art from step 1. (yes I know there is videos out there but your way of teaching could be unique) :-3

 loooveeeddd this game soooo much

Is it like dwarf fortress adventure mode?

a roguelike? what game is it similar too?

Hi! thank you for all your hard work and it will all pay off one day I'm sure, you have a fantastic game in the works and if you ever jump on steam you'll probably make a good chunk of money if you keep updating like those guys (Unreal World, Dwarf fortress) that brings me to my main question is this game aiming to be sort of like dwarf fortress adventure mode? will it have randomly generated history past/present?

 loved it! i'm surprised I actually beat it

Is there a way to contact you guys to get a key to play on youtube? Just curious (If not i'll just buy it) been trying to find your website. Thanks so much!

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For ultra wide screen I can't see any of the settings, so when I click windows I can't confirm it because all the buttons are automatically off screen. If you could configure it so it fits ultra wide that would be fantastic, also not quite sure what do since no tutorial is in it! I'll definitely make a video of it for my channel though love the concept.

gave it a shot too and pretty much enjoyed it!  - great job looking forward to more.

Would love to record some gameplay footage of your game just before release, do you give access to content creators?

such a fantastic gorgeous game, congrats on releasing such a great demo of your project!

I won't lie - I immediately started thinking of DARK CRYSTAL, where the GELFING females all have wings, if you have some sort of evil beings in your world like the SKEKSIS i will love this game forever. Crossing my fingers  that the world is fantastical like that with trees/animals/plants that are super creative.

This reminds me a lot of Jagaaan, where their emotions turn them into crazy monsters, it usually infects people who are super depressed. Going to do a playthrough, game looks fantastic! hope to see something like this thats close to BERSERK one day.

did a lil voice acting for it lol did a super quick gameplay cause i didn't want to spoil much of it, highly recommended!
(1 edit) -  basically the father of genetic games where you infuse two creature together and progressively they become more intelligent (they can even learn english than they can teach their children)  you could get different breeds,  they could spread mass on so forth

Basically its a game that inspired Black & White, Spores, Mewgenics so on so forth and watching the video of this reminded me a bit of the game.

you guys happen to be fans of the creature series?

I feel like the entire dev team is going to end up playing sea of thieves and nothing else, lol. I actually hope most of the devs from here give RARE some PVE gameplay tips for a pirate game.

Yup! hope the dev takes a look at this it's really a creative way to do things

Thanks, guys! I was just remembering the competition in the game from that one scene, it would be cool to see competitions farms/workshops progressively getting bigger the more successful they are when seasons pass (or no progression if they aren't as successful. With competing for the best produce/product.

It'd also be nice to see other NPC chopping, herding animals, growing produce and actually working in the world. It's just a great technique to make people not get overly rich when the NPC are smart enough to try to undercut you.

Balance out economy by having competition since the world is kind of organic, if you begin farming to "Farm" money, a NPC could possibly undercut you with lower prices to product, so you'll have to adjust what you sell..a smart competitive economy can make things interesting.

Just curious if someone wants to contact you guys for a lets play and you have current updates, would you just have to hit up this website for the updates?