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Toriel's not going to like this.

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This is enjoyable, it lacks things that most gamers love though.Nonetheless its a great game.

Legend says, the ponies live on and make friends to this day...

I would love to record this but I am not an official youtuber, I have only one, dumb video.

Also, GG no re on the awards.

Also, You won the award for Saddest and Cutest Feels Game of 2018.

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 This is the best game that ever was,better than undertale, in fact.Harold Krell,this has to be Undertale's rolemodel.Quick question though,isn't this battle like Asriel's battle?I mean there's the dark force =omega asriel,Nightmare Woona=Asriel with true power,Woona,regular asriel,and then baby Woona,Flowey.