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Well, there's a lot to unpack here. 

I appreciate the stylizing on this page, the text font is pretty dang cool. But, about the "game"..

With such little to criticize, I guess I can just point out a few things, like the grammar, and the amount of time it takes to get between cutscenes. Other than that, there's literally nothing else to go off of, but, at least the foundation is here. Like white bread. You just need to toss some ingredients in there to make a proper sandwich. 

If you need help with proofreading, please contact me, and I'll volunteer - just, y'know, have actual material before contacting me, haha.

You have firm, solid ground you're working on. This looks like it'll be amazing. I genuinely can't wait to see this project grow bigger!
If you ever need a volunteering proofreader, I've worked on other games, please do let me know! <3

Will this game ever be released on Steam?

You have strong foundation settled down. The art is great, and the writing is comprehensible, has few to no mistakes at all, and an interesting story to boot! Super excited to see where you take the rest of this story!

It's quite rare to get such good quality smut around like this. You're doing some great work, and I'm dying to see you work on some more stuff <3.