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Hi! Sorry for the review delay. >.<

Either way, big congrats - it was lovely to see everything come together! Your writing is as awesome as always, though I also wanted to say what you did with the background effects and scene change were so, so good, especially for the jam limit. The smoke effect, too! I also enjoyed how simple and effective the UI was for the setting. The art and music were also absolutely stunning and fit the mood to a T.

I'm not sure why this game hasn't gotten more attention - it definitely should. ^.^

Glad you enjoyed it! Flor did such an awesome job with Remi. >.< 

And as for the criticism... I think that if you play the other ending, you'll find that what Remi's standing on isn't a roof. ;) But I do appreciate you pointing it out, though - after all, me running a stock image through a Photoshop filter does not exactly make for the most clear result. XD

Thank you for this - I always love reading your reviews. >.< 

I'm glad you thought the art direction was effective - I was a little worried going in that not having fancier bells and whistles effect-wise would detract for things. And yes, Flor did such a wonderful job with making Remi so cute! As for a continuation, I'll try my best to go where this world takes me. :')

Glad I've managed to pique your interest - there's definitely more I want to do with this world. And yes, Remi deserves all the pets. XD

Aw, thank you for the sweet comment and glad you enjoyed it! Remi is definitely the best - I hope to do more with them in the future, if I can. :')

Hi! Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it. ^.^

The GUI was taken directly from robobarbie's Thursday Laundry and tweaked just a tad (definitely go check it out if you haven't, it's from last year's O2A2 - The team definitely did a fantastic job, I'm so grateful to have them on board.

Regarding the themes, I'm glad they way I approached them resonated with you! These questions have also kept me up a bit. :')

Ah, gotcha! Flattered to hear that then. ^.^

Hi! Glad you enjoyed the game and that the characters resonated with you. The VAs are honestly such an inspiration to us as well, so we're glad that you share our sentiment. ^.^

Regarding recruitment, we aren't looking for anyone at the moment, but when we are, we will be posting on the Heartmoor Studios Twitter about it, so keep an eye on that!

Oops, yeah, that was how to proceed! That was something we should have made clearer and we apologize. Glad to hear you're enjoying the game so far though!

Heya, glad to hear you've enjoyed the game and that the characters resonated with you! Don't blame ya for becoming a simp for BB and X - they've both got their own charm. ;)

There are definitely more great chat sim games out there that were submitted to Otome Jam this year. Blooming Panic is another awesome one (and one of the inspirations for this game!), if you haven't checked it out yet. You've definitely got options. :D

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it! :D

Aw, thanks for playing and leaving such a sweet review! We are really glad you enjoyed the game. watcher's route is close to my (Smoke) heart as a writer as well, so I'm very happy to see he's resonated with you. ^.^

Hm, this was likely caused by the number of wait pauses we set throughout the game. Try going back to your last save point on the route before then and playing up to that point. Let us know if there's still an issue!

Hi, thanks for letting us know! At what part of the game did you get this error? Also, were you able to bypass this error?

Heya, glad you're enjoying the game! And would definitely love to see watcher fanart - the sweet boy deserves it. ^.^

Hey, glad you enjoyed the concept! Unfortunately, there weren't any videos/tutorials we used. The Blooming Panic code is open source, so you could probably find it in there. The lemmasoft forums and renpy discord are also good starting points. Best of luck in your search!

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

Heya! We just updated the OffKey walkthrough with how to unlock her chat photo. The last meme in the gallery doesn't seem to appear in a lock and was never unlocked for that reason. We'll probably add it in as a freebie in a later update - thanks for letting us know! ^.^

Heya! Glad you enjoyed the game and that the acephobia discussion resonated with you. The team had a lot of fun making it, so it's great seeing others enjoy it too. ^.^

And no worries, thanks for letting us know about the bug! We've seen that one from a couple people now and are not sure what's causing it, but we'll definitely be looking into it for sure!

Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for playing! X is quite the fun one, isn't he? ;)

If we'd like to update the game after it's finished to include something like voice acting, are we allowed to do so as long as it continues to follow the jam's rules? The game itself would otherwise be a complete product and we are willing to add a note that this change was made.

Heya, thanks for playing! Glad that BB resonated with you and that the acephobia handling came through well. World always needs some more good ace rep. ;)

Have fun with the other routes! ^.^

Thank you! :D

Aww, thank you and glad you enjoyed it! Regarding the side characters, we had a blast working with their VAs, so we're glad you thought they were a nice touch. ^.^

What version of the game are you playing? For versions 1.1 and earlier, getting watcher's good end was impossible and the errors you mentioned were more prevalent. If you are playing on the latest version, could you describe what the error itself said?

No problem! In general, if you get a CG at the end, it's the romantic end and if you got a black screen with voiceover, then it's the friendship end. We'll definitely make this more clear in a future update!

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Glad to see we have an OffKey enjoyer in the house! Her writer, Demi, did a phenomenal job with her. :D

Thank you for your kind words and for giving our game a chance! We greatly appreciate it. ^.^

Hi! We're in the process of writing walkthroughs, so hang tight! In the meantime, make sure that you've got the latest version of the game downloaded, as the previous versions have made it difficult to impossible to achieve his good end. Let us know if you've got any more questions or concerns!

Ahhh! Thanks for such a sweet review. The team is glad that this story of ours resonated with you. ^.^ Have fun on X's route - it's a trip for sure. ;)

Heya, thanks for leaving such a sweet comment, it honestly made my day! watcher was a bit of a tricky character to write, so I'm glad to see that he's resonated with you. Have fun on X's route - you will not be disappointed! ;)

Thanks for letting us know! Those bugs should have been fixed by the update. ^^

Glad you liked it, thanks for playing! ^^

Glad you're enjoying it! Autosave is definitely something we're considering for the future, thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully we'll work out most of the bugs so there are less crashes! :)

Hope you enjoy it! Heads up that there's a 1.2 update right now that should fix most game-breaking bugs.

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Heya, thanks for playing our game! The cause of most crashes should have been fixed in the 1.2 update. If not, you can post them here and we'll get to them ASAP!

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Glad you're enjoying the game! And here is a fine place to place bug reports. :D

The watcher end you saw was the friendship end. We caught a bug that prevented you from reaching the romantic end, which should have been fixed in the 1.2 update. The X route label issue has also been fixed in the same update as well.

If you don't want to replay the entirety of watcher's route to get the romantic end, contact me on Twitter and I'll see if I can get a build sorted out for you. :)



Thanks again for the review and the sweet comment! Definitely excited to share more. :D

This is absolutely brilliant, loved it to bits. Everything was on point, from the humor to the deliciously drawn food, and it was exactly the pick-me-up I needed. I'm probably going to have to replay this one later. Thanks for making it! :D

Thank you! ^.^