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Sadly I am unable to play this (I'm on a mac), but I've watched many playthroughs, and enjoyed each and every run of it. The music is amazing, the pixel art and sprites are awesome, and the story is interesting, I can't wait to see this game finished, and wish you the best in completing it.

put it on your desktop, it had something to do with being able to access files easier, it should save after that

This was a great game super good story and art, i did however notice a bug. when you enter carna's office it asks you if you want to enter again i think this may only happen on the right door. this game was still fantastic, can't wait for future updates!

i had the same issue with another rpg maker game on mac, i asked the creator and they said it was an issue with the files being hard for the mac to read, they suggested i put it on my desktop and the game saved fine, did the same with Ghost Hospital and it also saved.

thanks! game works fine now, plan to buy it when it comes out on steam.

I decided to play the demo of the game to get a feel of it and i'm loving it so far, but there seems to be a problem with saving when using a mac