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I might remaster this to be less annoying. Thanks for the comment though! I've improved a lot since then so I really appreciate you looking at this.

Refund please

Thanks luv

game of the year

You know there is a chance of the devs getting sued if they use the ideas right?

god has thanked

I will consume this. Thank you.

Good graphics but lackluster gameplay. Cool sound effects an all but the static, lack of animation, and floating-ness of Siren Head is absurd.

This is pretty cool! I think jumpscares should be avoided with this but otherwise it was just cool. I think you should "market" this as a creepypasta thing (don't do this just providing example)- like saying you found a game somewhere because the game feels outdated (and I'm not talking about the graphics). Much to improve but was still fun to play!


Thank you! Any suggestions or criticism?

Made a subreddit.

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Some questions. Would like some answers if you can please.

-When did you have the initial idea?

-Do you plan on adding a big story like the whole thing with the rusty stuff? (trying not to spoil it)

-What's your whole process summarized in creating each update?

-What is your favorite character besides the teachers?

Thanks in advance.

What is this game coding in? I'd just love to know!