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Didn't expect that a game with the same sort of gameplay as Crazy Taxi could be so relaxing, but it is, due to its design. I also appreciate that you put in an option to change the camera mode, the default pan would've been a dealbreaker otherwise (doesn't go well with dizziness or vertigo tendencies). For what it is, it's really fun, charming and designed well. 

Pretty game, nice idea, art style and music. Though I think the moving backgrounds hurt my eyes after a while, I think... the controls are kind of floaty, the Binky's move a bit too fast sometimes.... and I can't figure out how to get the last trash can in level 2, the one that's flanked by two pumpkins and spikes... and I don't know how to get back to the menu, how am I supposed to hold left *and* right at the same time?

Other than these problems, it's really charming!

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Petition the French government to import better keyboards. And you're not missing much with this game anyway.

Because that's how you control games on a keyboard. 

I have the same issue, had this game in my wishlist for a while and realized I already own it, but the download doesn't work. Same javascript void issue!