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Do we have Robin Rule 34 yet? ;)

Me encanta le tema! voy a jugar lo ahora!

This game was unable to load up for me. If you still need data, try posting in or

I like it. You're right it does get meditative after a bit. :)

Looks amazing! A free run type movement might be cool (like a noclip mode where you can just explore with an auto run)

Do you take BTC as donation/payment? I'd like to donate but I don't really trust the itch website.

Well man, you made the game. You have more practice using the character, and avoiding stuff more than anyone.Just something to keep in mind. You have a bias as being a *pro* already.

I love this. thank you for this experience

I really really really love the kaleidoscope action man. If there were some way to have a mode like that with controls (to change colors/swirl them) that would be fucking rad. I want to try this the next time I'm stoned. :)

VR Fractals community · Created a new topic I love it

love it, also just want to let you know that these types of awesome games (the getting stoned and watching and having an amazing experience I feel like usually getting your own music makes it a llittle better. though, maybe changing colors sligthly or something not too distracting?

I cant comment on the story or anything but the clay/ ceramic shaping is a great tool. I throw pots on the wheel (learning) and this definitely helped me!