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Yeah well, I dont know what language that is but thanks HAHAHAHA

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my anti-virus denied the download guys :0

Oh also says service certificate has been revoked ????

Seems like a neat game. Unfortunately I needed to adjust a few of the video / graphic settings to play, but there was no option for that in this form. I will be looking out for the full version though :)

Hmm. sorry kids, but maybe its my computer but my character was walking at a SUPER slow pace and it crashed twice :0

Just couldnt play it.

very nice !!!!!

Gave me chills all the way till the end HAHAHAHA !!!!

I dont know. Did I miss something ?? I mean after you get down the stairs and start walking the hallways... they all look the same !!! The rooms that you can get into...all look the same !!!  Even the ONE ITEM that you can interact with was the same !!!!! Only fun part was eerie noises.I got bored after my 10th hallway HAHAHA