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A member registered Jun 21, 2021

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Soo good, Wish the phone came with snake 9/10 

Little freddy krueger almost got popped

Happy April 24th!!! Great game, Wish I had a heart attack 4 times instead of 3! 9/10 

Didn't trust a single soul, including my neighbor 9/10

What happened to my racoon??? 9/10

This is a High and I mean High 10/10 Need more 

Needs more Shrek Juice 9/10 

thought i was walking through a butthole at one point 9/10 game 

Wish the demon would of joined 8/10

Getting lost and having him chase me was a dream in winter wonderland 9/10

I wish santa was bigger!! 8/10

Wish I could actually eat it 8/10 

Love the story in this and super creepy. Me and bro should be boys :( I would of shared my noodles with him

Game was so much fun 

I wish you could rub his belly :( 

super creepy!! 

Game is amazing , great scares 

loved it! Wish i could of shopped more 

Loved it and martha 

such a good doggo 

I was trying to stay the night with Martha 

Wish I could of gotten the doughnuts 


Still thinking about this one.. in love 

so much fun.. needed more monsters

Still thinking about how good this was 

Loved this so much 

Wish it had more cereal

Loved it!! 

I still think about this one 

I still think about this one 

It's done??? Mooshie for lyfe 

New fear unlocked. I hated it. Thank you 

I need more

scary baby cries 

I like lasagna 

The microwave works exactly like mine at home 

Need to get all endings but Mooshie is him. The MCU is growing

Rebecca got what she deserved.