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This never happens when I do my B&E's!? 

Can't wait to have my birthday party here!! 

I tried to mind my business but it failed 

I've never gotten a chance to play baby in yellow but do know the reputation and it delivers!! only played a couple nights but will return very soon. Baby is just misunderstood 9/10 

Chucky???? Absolutely loved this one. Just wished there were more back rooms to run away with chucky 9/10

One of those games you can't believe is free!! 9/10 

I know the fry shortage started all of this death. 8/10

I played this game after receiving all the warnings not to. suck it. 9/10 

The creature is creepy, I had to same some words for his appearance but it is what it is man 8/10 

So amazing lixian! If I could get this cleaning simulator mixed with horror as a full game i'd be a happy man 10/10 

Game was spectacular! the sounds, scares and design I loved it! 9/10 

Game was amazing scary, thrilling and just fun to play! 9/10 

Great game need a sequel. Would love weed wacking or trimming added 9\10 


Really fun game! subtle scares were phenomenal 9/10

Game was spectacular, noises were insane 9/10

Game was amazing and atmosphere was stellar 8/10 

creepy game! dream sequence was A1 8/10

Game deserves all the awards 10/10 

Reminds me of my father 8/10

Started the game already awake 8/10 

I need more!! loved this 9/10 

I hate kids 8/10 

Absolutely loved this, amazing atmosphere and truly creepy 9/10 

Loved this! Was waiting for something to pop out but the wait was probably scarier! 9/10 

I had no idea I had a fear a mannequins, atmosphere was on point with creepiness 8/10 

Game felt like a fever dream!! Awesome creepy atmosphere, I loved it, not sure how many endings I got but well worth the play! Can't wait to see what you do next Danielle!

You did this in one day??? The sounds were top notch, scares were immaculate, atmosphere was spine-chilling. 9/10. Wish it was longer 

I knew nothing about the lore of Chimpy but the game was amazing and creepy. I think I found a spot of invisibility in the bathroom but game is everything you want in horror 9\10 

Jump scare was spectacular lol 8/10

Very Creepy game, cops wouldn't help. What's new 9/10 

It was an experience, found a couple endings that were great. Pretty cool cat 9/10


Felt like John Goodman in Arachnophobia 9/10 

Took me a minute to finish but that's my own fault. Monster is so cool looking. between this and almost home I'm loving the stuff you're coming out with 

quick and to the point! atmosphere was on point. was expecting a jump scare around every corner 

I'd rather work at shampoo inc. and Carl can suck it

by far my favorite indie i've played in a while! would love to see more of this please 

Not enough noodles. 

so much fun! this would of never happened if i drove a tesla 


Best party ever!! 

Very cool, The sounds were on point. Need a sequel