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With help from the gamemaker discord they came up with this,
Global left click is the same as the demo file, on the Global right click i added follow_path = true

if follow_path = true{

var points_array = path

if array_length(points_array) = 0{

  speed = 0}


  if point_distance(x,y,points_array[0,0], points_array[0,1]) > walk_speed{

    move_towards_point(points_array[0,0],points_array[0,1], walk_speed)  }


    x = points_array[0,0]

    y = points_array[0,1]

    array_shift(points_array)  }



This works really well! 

Im new when it comes to custom A* Pathfinding. How do i get an object to follow the created path/array ?

when i add path_start(path,3,0,0) it says ""path_start argument 1 incorrect type (array) expecting a Number""

Hey Sinestesia, would you be willing to create some new effects or reuse the same effects but new words ?



Im sorry if has been asked before. But have you ever throught about doing an "Overworld Map" asset/tileset pack.

Something like this ?

Hi I like the look of this pack would you be willing to add new lines ? 
for example:

- Eject

- Emergency

-  Emergency Evacuation

- Abandon Ship 

I also have a few more ideas too

Thank you for your reply.
I have created a hierarchy o_blocks_parent with, o_blocks and o_ramps as the children. And updated all the collision code with o_blocks_parent. And cleaned up my previous code in the above comment with; if instance_place(x,y,o_ramps){ position.z_step = 4 + abs(speed+1)}else{position.z_step = 4} this way i cant "climb" on anything and it works buttery smooth.

You will be named in the credits.

Thank you very much for this tutorial series!!!

I have added some code to the player so that you can increase/decrease your max speed from 0 to 12 by clicking the left/right mouse buttons.

I have made some ramps and placed blocks next to them. At a slow speed the player can go up and down the ramps and continue along the blocks fine.

However when the player goes up the ramp in a faster speed, the player will collide/bump with the next block and stop, before continuing again. The work around I found to stop the collision/bump, was to increase the z_step.

if instance_place(x,y,o_ramp_LR) or instance_place(x,y,o_ramp_RL){
position.z_step = 16;}else{position.z_step = 4;}
without posting a video or the full code/project here.

Is this correct?

Hi craftpix!
I dont know who the amazing artist is who creates these avatars.

But would they be willing to make a Sci-fi pack ? With Robots, cyborgs, pilots, mechanics, ship captians, engineers etc?

Any news on this ?


Could you add Non-Vocal/instrumental version of each track?

another idea
"Game Jam Volume 1 - Fantasy Music"

"Game Jam Volume 2 - Sci-fi Music"

What about

"Game Jam Volume 1"  with 25 awesome tracks and 5 loops, ..Volume 2, Volume 3, etc


"Game Jam Volume 1 - Platformer Music"  with 10 tracks and 5 loops
"Game Jam Volume 2 - Side-scroller Music"  with 10 tracks and 5 loops .. for example.

This way you can keep evolving the packs without too much clutter.

Thank you for this info, you just got yourself a sale :)

How many PNG VFX Sequences do you get in this pack ??

In the prefab version you say;

17 New Sword Slash Textures
+80 New Sword Slash Prefabs

So in this PNG Version do you get +80 png Sequences, or 17 Sequences?


Hey Two orcs
Could you do a sci-fi update, something like Pilots, Fleet Commanders, Ship Mechanics etc?

(1 edit)

Thank you!
Thank you very much for this asset pack, stay tuned to see it in action in Cosmic Strike The last sub sector

Thank you!
Thank you very much for this asset pack, stay tuned to see it in action in Cosmic Strike The last sub sector - Storyline!