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What a premise for a horror game, truly a nightmare.. Surprisingly unexpected scares and incredibly creepy and uncomfortable atmosphere.

You've done it yet again, Spring Rabbit! Your games never disappoint, can't wait for the next part

What a ride this game was, and what an ending! Got much darker than I expected, which is exactly how I like my indie horror games, well done :)

I had a good time, looking forward to whatever you may make next!

Quite the little horror experience here! With a surprisingly unexpected twist at the end. 

Great job for a first game! You have a bright future in game development, looking forward to what you create next :)

As much as I struggled with this game, it was really good! Such a unique concept using a real phobia I think most of us have, no way I could do this in real life. Could barely do it in a game..

Graphically, it looked fantastic! The creature(s?) was incredibly creepy, and the mechanics were a lot of fun. Well done! Looking forward to whatever you may make next :)

Quite the tense atmosphere in this one, with a few great scares! 

I'll mirror what others have said in that the game does need a bit of polish, but I found it's little quirks quite charming, mostly because I am terrible at being sneaky with patrolling antagonists, but this guy gave me a fighting chance to succeed! 

Looking forward to the future of this game and whatever else you may create in the future :)

Oh man, what a challenge, really ramped up on night 5 there! Neat concept for this one, and quite creepy.

Was very rewarding once you finally figure everything out. Well done! :)

I can never get enough found footage horror and this one did not disappoint, it was so creepy with a wild backstory. Very creative! And aesthetically fantastic, well done!

Felt uncomfortable throughout most of the experience, was a good time :D

Another terrific game! I really enjoy how unique each of your games are from one another, I never know what to expect. Great setting in this one, and quite the creepy zombies! Things got quite unsettling when night came..

Already looking forward to your next title! :D
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Played this series after discovering SubOptimal, and man it did not disappoint! Really enjoyed this one (along with Act 2!), you pulled off some seriously tense moments in it amazingly. 

I'm not sure if there is an Act 3 in the works, but if ever there is, I am there! 

Really, really enjoyed this one! It is so nice seeing the point and click horror genre be kept alive by great creators like you. The atmosphere in this one was aces and it got surprisingly creepy in such a short amount of time.

I am sure I am not alone in wanting more, I really did wish it was longer. I have had many good experiences from games on this site, but I will say this was one of my favorites. I'm looking forward to whatever you make next, I'll definitely be trying some of your previous titles in the meantime :)

Such a creepy setting! You really captured the same vibe and discomfort as No Players Online while still creating your own creepy little unsettling world.

I really enjoyed it :)

Quite the setting and atmosphere in this one! I really enjoyed it, had quite the ending..

Very impressive that this was your first game and made in under a month, keep doing what you're doing!

Always excited to see a new entry in The Lancaster Leak series! Always a different style/genre of horror and they've all been fantastic. You pulled off quite a creepy analog horror with this one 

Can't wait to see what the fourth entry will be! 

Another great game! You have quite the creative mind, I really enjoy your style. This one definitely got quite disturbing so quickly, at least my interpretation of it

Looking forward to the next one! 

Another great game, Nannings! Had a couple of really good jump scares and the setting was effectively creepy. Alone in a haunted mine.. 

Nothing tenses me up like a countdown, had a good time!
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Really enjoyed the look and vibe to this game, it got quite tense near the end there! And quite a disturbing end..

I agree with everyone else here, very impressive for a first game, looking forward to seeing what you create next :)

Another entertaining game you've made here! And another great scare in this one too.

Looking forward to whatever you create next :)

Had so much fun with this one, found it quite charming! Y'know, in an uncomfortably creepy sort of way. The dialogue was excellent and the pacing was perfect leading up to the end..

What a jump scare! 

You have a great style, really enjoyed it :)

Such a simple premise yet so creepy, very well done! Plays well into the fear of getting settled into bed at night and not remembering if you locked the doors..

Really enjoyed this one!

Easily one of my favorite horror experiences from itchio to date! Surprisingly immersive and very well paced with an incredibly effective jump scare.

Had a great time with it, looking forward to seeing what you create next :)

It was a pleasure!

I do apologize if that comment came off as malicious, I do believe it was made in jest and not a legitimate criticism. I did have a chat with them and confirmed it wasn't meant as a negative jab towards the game in any way, just their sense of humor!

You did an excellent job on it and you deserve all the success it has garnered so far :) 

Excellent game! Always enjoy a good, creepy experience with an SCP, and this one was top notch. Very unsettling "shadow man", something about that face.. Definitely scared me pretty good

Great job on this one! I definitely plan on checking out some more of your titles now :)

Quite the creepy test you've created here! Really enjoyed how unsettling this one got, truly felt like a nightmare.

Had a good time, thank you!

Had a blast with this one! It got surprisingly tense and I found myself much more invested in winning than I thought I would be. Was such a creepy vibe in that nightclub too, the atmosphere/setting was perfect for it all.

Already looking forward to playing it again! Great job on this one :)

Had a good time with this nostalgia journey!

Another great game from a great creator! Always enjoy the style of your titles :)

What a trip this game was! I absolutely adored it. It had such a creepy vibe and atmosphere that made me uncomfortable in a way not many games do, and I mean this in the best way possible. Really captured what it is like to have a confusing nightmare..

Fantastic point-and-click horror, had a great time playing it. Thank you! I am looking forward to checking out your newest title, love your style :)

Oh boy did this one get tense! Great indie horror experience, loved the graphics and the creepy story. Definitely made me uncomfortable exploring that "abandoned" house..

It was a great experience, thank you! Looking forward to trying more of your games :)

What a clever idea this game was! The lead up to the ending was perfect, it was honestly one of the best jump scares I've experienced from

Especially enjoyed the twist in the end explaining why the windows were so.. bloody on the outside. Well done!

This game was fantastic! I adored the graphics and that creepy scarecrow, what a trip.

The ending was perfect. Looking forward to checking out some of your other work!

Had a great time with this one! Loved the graphics and the dialogue with the patrons. Always enjoy a good dose of nostalgia when it comes to VHS Rental shops.

And that creepy antagonist.. well done all wround!

Quite the unique game! I really enjoyed it :) The graphics were so charming, the dialogue was quite funny and the creatures were definitely creepy.

Thanks for this experience! Looking forward to whatever you create next.

I'm always into a good horror experience in the shower! Quite enjoyed this one and it was surprisingly unsettling and uncomfortable in the best way.

The secret endings were quite clever! I am looking forward to whatever you create next!

I'm not going to lie to you, the jump scares did get a bit cheesy in this one ;) But I did have a good time with it regardless! 

The ambience was fantastic, looked graphically fantastic and there were a couple of good scares that got me. I am curious to see where the story is going with this one :)

I really enjoyed this experience! Very creepy and a fantastic opening to an intriguing series. Looked great graphically, played well and was quite an uncomfortable atmosphere while also being weirdly charming..

I always enjoy an isolated Watchtower/Forest Ranger experience, can't wait to see the next entry!

Had a great time with this one! The graphics, the PS1/90's horror vibes, the campy dialogue between Noah and Jackson, the absolute tenseness of the encounter with the machete wielding psycho, loved it!

Didn't realize you also made The Smiling Man (+Remake), I really enjoy your games! Can't wait to see what you create next :)

Really enjoyed the style of this one! Very polished and graphically appealing. 
The story was something else too, definitely not the Frosty I grew up with..

It got pretty tense at the end there! Had a good time, thank you for sharing this one :)

Really enjoyed the style of this one, very retro vibes! Having Krampus wondering around while looking for everything we need to escape was effectively creepy. 

Thanks for sharing this one, it was fun :)

What a strange ride this game was, very entertaining! The voice acting was terrific and there were quite the lyrical geniuses behind the music in this one. Wild but charming experience all around.

The car segment got me a bit heated ngl, but I had a good time with this one regardless! Thanks for sharing, this game had a great sense of humor :)

Great Christmas horror game! The music and fireplace were so cozy, the graphics looked charming. The story was quite unique with a some good creepy moments mixed in. Was perfect for the season!

Had a really good time with this one! Thank you for sharing it :)