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You shouldn't have to extract anything . The game takes one turn every time you left click

When the clog is defeated, it mentions a master. This master might be the juice queen, who i think might be the final boss of the game

Thanks! I am open to any and all suggestions. I am planning on releasing more info on the project soon.

i am also not sure about the idea of training I feel like juice in of itself is fine as it is with it being a universal currency/xp

another option is that each of the new base stats being added are trained while the old ones are still bought at fountains, but the effect of these upgrades is now affected by the new base stat levels

or the max amount of upgrades you can get from a fountain is capped on an overall player experience level which is based on training and overall juice earned

I think there should be some system where you cant max out all stats and instead have a limited amount of stat upgrades you can use (about 2/3 of the way to maxing everything out)

The clog mentioned a master, it can't be swirly D since that was what the clog was against

No, juice queen!

you can grow it to make a comically large spoon

Hey kirrillian, i dont know if you see this, I want to suggest joel tries to use wndows backup restore incase that might work, It has worked to restore other game files (but not sims4) for me in the past

thought it would be an april fools joke but its legit


I'm not trying to dictate how you make your game, I just think the current upgrade system needs work and further balancing , without which further gameplay wouldn't seem as interesting , currently it's not too hard to max all stats in the game in a single day, leaving further playing unrewarding

I was wondering if you would alter the upgrade / lvl up system as you continue to flesh out the game, I'm hoping for some sort of upgrade/skill tree that you can spend your juice on instead of a simple linear upgrade system. So instead of being able to max everything, the player has to choose which stats to focus on.