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I’ll probably not get very far with making stuff but man does this look fun, gg releasing it!


I was playing the game and while the movement/placement system is unlike anything I’ve every played and maybe… a bit jank… Was kinda fun learning. Also I saw the timer and made myself a little home so that no one would be able to kill me and then it was super tense for like 3 seconds. Anyways I think this game has the mood.

Hey! so I don’t know if I’m “good” at rating and such or whatever but I would overall say that even though it was short the gameplay was pretty ok and even though some of the graphics were a bit hard on the eyes a bit overall the music and with them the “mood” I guess was fun. good stuff for a jam!

ya I reuploaded it because of that ;p thanks for liking it! first time trying the genera so glad it was fun.

a bit ;
I get hungry when I see fake food so making a whole game of candy can kinda suck


Enjoyed it! like the song

Had a good time! if there’s one thing I would want to change if I did somehow I say that the tanks kinda sometimes will just fly at you and try to get in your face, maybe different tanks would use different AI? IDK had fun though

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I don’t think it’s allowed since the point is to use the *sheet and be restricted to the 256 sprite limit.

*(How did I call the spritesheet a map?)