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Thanks for looking at it! Maybe when I get back to this I’ll add a tutorial or some form of help to explain it a bit. It’s a bit hard to tell with not much to test against but while strafing you can also pickup stuff with the tractor beam.


I already had @, Feel free to look at the innards though be warned I rushed it lol

I love the use of the 0,1,2,3 colors together. absolutely nailed that vibe. I felt like… If I’m brutally honest the goal wasn’t very rewarding. the game didn’t really climb enough I guess. That being said this is a game for a jam and it hits the nail on the head for a lot of the other aspects. props!

At times it was a bit hard to hit stuff and I was stuck in the first room for a while but once I realized I could go through the door and was finding the hidden guns and such it was pretty fun! good stuffs

Ah thanks so much! Ya it seems people like not having to redo everything, think or a game like this where it only effects score it makes more sense.

Thanks for the words! Certain parts I wish I could give more time to but had to get it out there and glad it was fun

Hmmm maybe the pixels are just really small going off of the numbers the pc says, (to fit the image to show that it’s not too big I had to scrunch the colors to fit the filesize)

Glad it’s fun! Probably spent like.. 60% on the visuals 40% on the gameplay ;p

Thanks! ya the floor tiles are a bit too contrasty.. And there’s the grassy wall tiles that blend in with the floor a lot but ya thanks for playing!

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2560 x 1600px I think.. I have a tiny screen ;p

On the battle of lone hill Brie Fusiliers men were waiting at the top, cannons at ready. And we kept on shooting and spraying but I had to retreat cause the last of guy he had was like a cyborg or something, would not die. Had more fun when I started to get the hang of how the game worked though still not 100% sure on it all. Fun stuff!


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If you want to try to follow the restrants of the jam you can uniformly edit a sprite as in any of the ways you can do it with pal statements or I think the 90˚ flipping or 180˚ mirroring is fine, normally in Pico-8 black by default is transparent so if you want to just use them the way they are you can set that to alpha if you want (though of course if you want to go nuts and not worry about it feel free.)

Was going to say that one of the patterns doesnt have a start flag set so youd always have to make sure it was in slot 0 or was curious if I could use parts of songs instead of the full thing so now I know

I’ll probably not get very far with making stuff but man does this look fun, gg releasing it!


I was playing the game and while the movement/placement system is unlike anything I’ve every played and maybe… a bit jank… Was kinda fun learning. Also I saw the timer and made myself a little home so that no one would be able to kill me and then it was super tense for like 3 seconds. Anyways I think this game has the mood.

Hey! so I don’t know if I’m “good” at rating and such or whatever but I would overall say that even though it was short the gameplay was pretty ok and even though some of the graphics were a bit hard on the eyes a bit overall the music and with them the “mood” I guess was fun. good stuff for a jam!

ya I reuploaded it because of that ;p thanks for liking it! first time trying the genera so glad it was fun.

a bit ;
I get hungry when I see fake food so making a whole game of candy can kinda suck


Enjoyed it! like the song

Had a good time! if there’s one thing I would want to change if I did somehow I say that the tanks kinda sometimes will just fly at you and try to get in your face, maybe different tanks would use different AI? IDK had fun though

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I don’t think it’s allowed since the point is to use the *sheet and be restricted to the 256 sprite limit.

*(How did I call the spritesheet a map?)