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Really like this concept, both as a self contained module and the historical setting! The rooms are very flavorful and have fun encounters and puzzles! And the little mini system is great too!

I did have one question relating to the ending. On first reading it seemed to me like it most likely doesn't matter what you do in the rooms that whether or not you "win" will just be determined by luck. Unless you manage to murder all your classmates and take their money...but then the players don't know that going in so they'd be unlikely to do that on purpose. I'm worried that that it might be unsatisfying to discover that you could have just picked the "easy way" repeatedly and then took your chances at the end. Curious how this worked out at your table or if there are alternatives folks have used (I might also be misreading something).

Thanks! I love your work, I bought this game in large part on the strength of Yokai Hunters Society and wasn't disappointed 馃槉

Just out of curiosity, what lead you to moving back to d20 for the second edition of the game?

I'm about to (finally XD) run this and was reading through the layout update. It looks really nice! I noticed though that the results when firing weather cannon are on the last page of the original but are not in the updated version

Macs have a couple of ways to right-click, you can either hold control and click or if have a trackpad (such as with a macbook laptop) you can do a two fingered click and that will perform the "right click"

Just bought this module. I like it! I don't have a printer though and just read everything as pdfs--is it possible to get this in spreads? 

Also, do you happen to have player-facing / non-anotated maps for any of these? 

All the details in this are so flavorful and interesting! I can't wait to run it!