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Hehe that's good to know too! = D

Megaten noob here but I've been looking for a solo character RPG that wasn't filled with flashing VFX and this is about the only one I've found in eight months of looking so I'm giving it a shot! Love the aesthetic, too. : ) My first incursion was doomed once a Shock reduced me to ¥-39 and then Fountain Lady started charging for Healing. ; )

The horizontal format is a great change! No more scrolling into guards, and the more compact level layouts (and time limit! = o) make the whole thing a lot more frenetic. : )

Since nobody else has posted a video I guess I'll post mine (I don't want to spam your games too much with my silly videos ^ _^) because this game rules!

Yeah, it would probably be too easy if you could permanently block off the elevator or something. ; D

I read about the wheelbarrow thing in the readme or somewhere and finally managed to do it in Strikes Back last night : D--thought at first it meant leaving the wheelbarrow over the ladder/elevator shaft but found you can't drop it there, so instead you just hold it there while they come up. : ) And yep after recording I watched your demo video all the way through and saw you slide a bag down a slope and was like ohhhh ^ _^

Interesting! Perhaps it's just that the Arcade Archives emulator plays it back slightly differently.

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I like the rotating languages for the title on the title screen. I don't think I ever saw the original Bagman and found Comes Back quite interesting! The various physics interactions (dropping bags on heads, falling guards can KO you, etc) give the gameplay a surprising amount of depth. Setting the number of guards to 3 gets immediately insane! : D Plus, there's Turkey in the Straw. ^_ ^

An excellent idea that I heartily applaud; a great touch. : ) Also I noticed the little musical piece that plays when the player character enters round 1 in your game is slightly different and more jingly than the original arcade version (or at least, the version of that one on PS4)--very subtle but again a nice difference. : )

Great game! Nice to have the difficulty option, and the more monsters option is INSANE! = DD Randomization is exactly what Dig Dug needed to avoid feeling oppressive, now you go into each round looking forward to what new challenges it will bring. I've already seen plus-shaped caves, and caves stacked one on top of of the other. : D And so far it hasn't done that mean thing regular Dig Dug does of spawning monsters exactly on top of each other so you go to inflate what you think is a lone monster and a second pops out from right on top of it and kills you--hasn't happened here. : )

Great game! I love the maze generation in this one, with big wall sections really changing the feel of each new stage, and the ghost house able to change its vertical position to a great extent, mixing things up. : ) Also: multiple bonus stages! = D

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Thank you, thank you! I love this game, it's pretty much a Pac-dream come true. The colors! The mazes! The options! = D I made a little "let's play"

I also bought five more of your games so I have to go start working on videos
of them now.

Thanks for these great games, I can hardly believe someone actually made such great twists on these classic games!!! ^ D^^

A C64 version of LucasArts' Outlaws. = oo Got my eye on this. ^ _^