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update. FOUND THE THIRD SECRET. heart jar was what I was missing. yay! this got me to come back to it a lot.

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I really enjoyed the heck out of this demo. The wand was a fun mechanic and just the right amount of challenging in certain places. (I was playing with a controller so maybe it was more floaty than intended, but the challenge was fun) It took me a while to figure out how to beat the boss but once I did I couldn't stop smiling. I've played it a few times since then and oddly enough, never noticed the text that said there were three secrets to be found in the demo so I went back in for more fun searching. I've found two it I can't find the third one. There's a suspicious sewer wall/grate but even my wand won't last too long out there so I don't think it's a speed accuracy thing. But I really like this and look forward to a full game some day. yay.

the same happened to me, the game kept running. but the glitch only seems to be in that place.