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For example, when I try to import models with the names "stone_pillar_86_new", "stone_pillar_94", "stone_pillar_7", and "stone_pillar_73", their names get cut down to something like "stone_pilla". Whenever this happens, each model overrides eachother and only one of the models actually import.

Is there any way to increase the file name size/length for importing assets? A lot of the assets I import have half of their names cut out, which causes a lot of preventable issues with maps.

All the walls on the map or just sections of the walls?

I'm having an issue with shadows on imported meshes that touch. There's really ugly shadow artifacts in between the meshes. I tried fixing with the world and light settings in my level, including upping the build quality, but nothing worked. Here's a screenshot showing my issue: 

Is there any settings in HammUEr that I can change to fix this?

I've done some experimenting and I found that it might have something to do with the $selfillum and $selfillummask. About 70% of the materials loaded this time. The ones that didn't load either had a fucked up name or had an issue with the $selfillummask. Here's an example of the logs:

[2017.06.20-17.55.07:758][354]LogMaterial: Missing cached shader map for material HammUErBaseMaterial, compiling. 
[2017.06.20-17.55.07:758][354]LogMaterial:Warning: Failed to compile Material Instance /Game/SourceStuff/Materials/BUILDINGSET057A_mat.BUILDINGSET057A_mat with Base HammUErBaseMaterial for platform PCD3D_SM5, Default Material will be used in game.
[2017.06.20-17.55.07:758][354]LogMaterial:Warning: (Node TextureSampleParameter2D) $selfillummask> Requires Texture2D

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I looked through the logs myself and found the error messages related to building the master materials list. This comes up for pretty much every material it finds:

  1. [2017.06.19-22.36.45:617][ 14]LogMaterial:Warning:  (Node TextureSampleParameter2D) Param2D> Requires Texture2D
  2. [2017.06.19-22.36.45:717][ 15]LogMaterial: Missing cached shader map for material BaseMaterial, compiling.
  3. [2017.06.19-22.36.45:718][ 15]LogMaterial:Warning: Failed to compile Material Instance /Game/SourceStuff/Materials/metal/metaltruss024a_mat.metaltruss024a_mat with Base BaseMaterial for platform PCD3D_SM5, Default Material will be used in game.

This happened with the sample base material provided in the sample materials zip as well.

Currently, I'm running on version 4.16. I tried with 4.15 as well but the problem still occurred. 

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I tried and that didn't work. Everything is still 'None'. I do have my project saved to a different drive, not my C:\ drive. I do not know if that would cause anything, though, as my entire Epic Games installation is on my D:\ drive.

(D:\Users\<username>\Documents\Unreal Projects\gm_bigcity\Config)

All of my materials are in one directory (uncreatively named 'SourceStuff') in my project. I tried to separate them in a different project but I still ran into this issue.

I'm having a bit of an issue with textures. No matter how many times I rebuild the material list, almost all of the materials show up as 'None' when importing maps. I can manually add them, but larger maps with 200+ textures would take way too long. Anyone have a fix for this?