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Thanks for taking the time to watch :)

I came, I saw; I peed a little bit.

This game was amazing. I had to go back and donate after finishing it. Well done.

I was pleasantly surprised with the ending. Call me a pessimist :)

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I had no idea there was an inventory button and the storyline needs a lot of work (confusing text) but with a little elbow grease this could be a great short demo.

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I really enjoyed the atmosphere and art style, and loved that the real life subtle fear was represented in the form of a creepy dude stalking you about the store.  Anyhow, my gameplay is below:

I'm a sucker for endings like this... completely loved it. 

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I saw. I played. I got scared a couple of times. It is indeed a bit short but I had fun. Time to check out the Midnight Shift Remake >:D

I almost had to quit this one after the first jumpscare, lol. Managed to finish it though with a lucky key spawn.

Loved the art style, had a bug with the bear but nothing that broke my heart with this being and indie game. I'm honestly really interested to see where the rest of this story goes...

Very polished game... reminded me quite a bit of RE7.

A quick little 8 minutes of fun :>