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I got my fair share of scares from the demo alone, lol. I'll definitely be playing this all the way through! Nice work!

Thanks for taking the time to watch :)

I came, I saw; I peed a little bit.

This game was amazing. I had to go back and donate after finishing it. Well done.

I was pleasantly surprised with the ending. Call me a pessimist :)

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I really enjoyed the atmosphere and art style, and loved that the real life subtle fear was represented in the form of a creepy dude stalking you about the store.  Anyhow, my gameplay is below:

I'm a sucker for endings like this... completely loved it. 

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I saw. I played. I got scared a couple of times. It is indeed a bit short but I had fun. Time to check out the Midnight Shift Remake >:D

I almost had to quit this one after the first jumpscare, lol. Managed to finish it though with a lucky key spawn.

Very polished game... reminded me quite a bit of RE7.

A quick little 8 minutes of fun :>