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Small Cool Games

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Question answered above, but you're welcome to check out the Discord server as well. 

Hi there!

The GM considers Item quality when assessing potency. All things being equal, if you are using a higher quality item you will get increased effect level whenever that makes sense in the fiction. 

I'm glad you like it!

Lo siento, pero no hablo Español suficientemente bien.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy playing it. 

Yes, it is a formatted rather than reflowable epub document. I hope you find the PDF easy enough to work with. 


I don't seem to have received your email. Could you send again and make sure it's to smallcoolgames@gmail.com? Thanks. 

Hi Seeru. I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulty. Please send an email to smallcoolgames@gmail.com and I will get right back to you. 

I've uploaded a new epub file. See if that works for you. If not, please let me know. 

Hmm. I just tried downloading from itch.io and it worked for me. Would you like to send an email to smallcoolgames@gmail.com using the email address associated with your itch account? I could send it to you using a separate link that doesn't use itch. 

Is it just the game book or have you had trouble with other files?

Hi rmik,

What issues are you having with the PDF?

That was quick. Awesome! You might also want to consider the readability of this itch page. 


I get that you have a style you're trying to present,, but blue text on black is close to unreadable for anyone without perfect vision. 

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you find it helpful. 

Yes, we're working on plans for a physical game book. Thanks for your interest!

Sorry about that. This one should work:


Ah, that makes sense. AFAIK that's not a standard concept in Blades, and I don't see where it's explained in your documentation. I would suggest perhaps explaining more clearly. 

Thanks again!

The is really cool, but I have a question.  Max flow is tier + attune + playbook. I know what tier and attune are, but what number is "playbook?"


Thanks! I'm glad you find it useful.

That'll work great! :-)

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So...your choice of white text on light-sh blue here on itch suggests to me that your zine is, like so many other rpg products, similarly designed to be cool to look at but hard to actually read or use.

That makes me much less interested in it. 

I appreciate the interest. You could certainly adapt elements of that setting to this one. 

Amber is definitely one of the touchstones for this game.

Right on your sample "It Worked" page here. "before She find outs" should be "before She finds out."

And well you should.