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Small Hedge

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This is so much fun! The bullet bouncing mechanic forces the player to make lots of risks. I like it!

Gave it a go but had no idea what to do :). I can see a lot of thought went into the game design but from the players perspective, it's just confusion

Very cute character :3 Got to 12032!

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Only being to move when in the air is a very interesting concept. I found myself having to really time my jumps well!

Really fun game! It's tricky weighing up whether to go for coins or to go for damage!

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hmm. It's very inconsistant for me. Pressing W once will move the right hand, every W press after will not do anything. Spamming W doesn't do anything. Pressing S enough times will move the right hand again. From spamming W and pressing S every so often, I made the car move, but only by 10km/h visually.

EDIT: I found the issue. For me, the car only speeds up when the application is not in focus. I went to take a screenshot, which put the game out of focus, then the car sped up. Very weird. Not sure if this is a common issue??

Unfortuately I couldn't get the car moving! I could change lanes using A and D, but pressing W and S did not do anything (pressing W made the gear hand move once). I'm in windows.

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Glad you enjoyed it!

That might be a problem haha. Cheers for playing!

hahaha classic! Thanks for playing!