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Random Game Seed: 05121986 - my birthday!
Random Game Idea: A game where you must hide from safety.
Qualifiers: Genre removed
Title: Wolf in the Dark
Idea: Started thinking about the idea of being something that is unsafe and avoids areas of safety, then about the creatures hiding in the dark in Don't Starve or in the film Pitch Black. This progressed to the idea of a wolf hiding in darkness and picking off sheep that wander too far from the light carried by a shepherd. The idea will be to avoid the shepherd's light while devouring sheep that slip outside of it.

I didn't get this idea until Thursday. I didn't figure out how to do it until Friday. I didn't start working on it until Saturday, I wasn't sure I could actually do it until Sunday, and I didn't finish it until Monday.

It's crappy and lacks 90% of the features I dreamed up, but I made it in my spare time in basically two days using Multimedia Fusion 2, it has all the things I said I'd need for a minimum viable prototype, and it's my first ever gamejam entry. So I'm glad it just exists.